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Hi all

just to update you on my previous post and to thank you all for your lovely replies , I have had my blood results which show I am anaemic so that would explain the tiredness , I have also been told I have a twisted spine with wear and tear showing , my GP has finally decided to send me to see a rheumatologist I think because I sat there and cried telling him I could not carry on feeling like this and working the way I am feeling , he did start to ask me about my marriage break up which happened some years ago I told him I was not depressed just fed up of hurting and I did not want or need any depression tablets I would rather find the cause , I am back on naproxen and cocodamols , I have taken a week of work as holidays to give my self some time to get over the way I have been feeling I am not really up to work at the moment , I had my steroid injection in to my foot to which my GP said you must have a high pain threshold as you did not flinch when I did that injection , it did not hurt me any more than any other injection I have had so I know I am not soft with pain , hope you are all as well as can be ,

Leylia x

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  • Good news, sounds like you will see Rheumy at last. Be kind to yourself this week and rest that foot. If you continue to feel low it's common with RA,just managing the illness would make anyone fed up, of course though docs right if it doesn't settle then medication can be extremely helpful xx

  • Hi allanah

    thank you for your reply , I am unsure about mood altering meds, I will see how I feel last time I was put on naproxen it worked for me and my aches and pains mostly went so therefore I felt much better and my mood was more upbeat ,I will keep what you have said in mind if I don't see any improvement in the next week or so ,

    Thank you

    Leylia x

  • Hi there at least you have an appointment now explain it all to them when you see them write it down if you need to so you don't forget anything. I wish you luck and hope they find out what is going on then at least a treatment plan my begin. xxx

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