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Hi everyone

For several days I haven't been getting any notifications from Healthunlocked. Will check my settings. I have been suffering really badly for several weeks with swollen painful hands and fingers. Have took some photos to show the nurse. My wrists hurting too. Anyway felt fed up with it but went out with friend last night for a bop as luckily feet not too bad at moment.

Had a good time and it took my mind off the discomfort.

Moan over thanks for listening.

Hope u all have a good weekend.

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Sorry you are in such pain, hope you get some relief soon. What a good idea to go out with friend. Friendship very important for all of us with this horrid condition. Hope you get some sleep. Good night. Love Alison xx


A good bop always help doesn't it. I wish i could dance,all i can do is thrumb my fingers these days,but having said that i love


Thank you scouser pain still there but the lovely sunshine helps us to feel brighter.


Hello Sharon

All seems to have been ok here from my end. Been getting all notes

Sorry about not been to well, hope you calm down soon



Good pleased to hear that.


Hi hope you had a great night xxx


Yes we did thank you. Drank too much and had a laugh and a dance.


That's what life's about!,, xx


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