Update - good and bad

Hi All, I'm afraid I didn't get the job I went for last Wednesday. Not surprising as they said they'd been inundated with applicants and despite my best makeup skills I'm sure I looked like an extra from a zombie movie. A shame as it was the first interview I've been for recently where I actually wanted the job so have felt a bit down and my self confidence has taken a bit of a knock. I'm so grateful for all my lovely friends here though - your words of encouragement and support were a real help. Still getting the lovely shingles pain but luckily less frequently so there's a real chance I might not saw my own arm off after all :) Now the good news - I had a call a couple of days ago from a new client wanting to come to me for reflexology treatments and there's a possibility of their mum wanting to come too! So one step closer to me being able to spend my time doing something I love instead of something soul-destroying to keep the wolf from the door.

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Hi, I'm so sorry you didn't get the is soul destroying...I went for an interview at the charity shop up the road to volunteer my help..the lady in charge said..I wouldn't be of any help...and it was a Christian church charity shop...I felt so small and silly but when I got to the door to go out I did turn and say.."Jesus would have hired me!!"

Let's hope you get more people with your reflexology...I've had it once and it was wonderful..maryx


That actually sounds positive to me, you had a interview and more experience. But working from home doing reflexology sounds brilliant! Get some publicity out and go got it! Glad you kept your arm then !! Xxxxx


Hi There, Dissapointed as you are there is a good positive outlook ahead once word gets out how good you are there is no looking back, I have had iit done twice the most relaxing time ever, Good luck Matt


Yes it can be soul destroying I have been to lots of interviews. I just look on it now as practice for a really good job and feel very lucky I even got to that stage. I work full time but as you say you have to feel love for what you do or it is a loonng day,

I am glad that you are able to do what you love though and maybe business will improve and you won't have to do jobs you aren't that keen on Good luck!


Sorry you didn't get the job. No reflection on you though! The right job or career is out there for you. Just might take I little while. Hope the reflexology takes off. Keep positive...we love you. Hug on the way! Anne


Thanks All, The new reflexology consult/treatment went very well and looks like the lady is keen to return. Also probably got another new client coming next week! Had none for ages and was thinking of giving up so this is wonderful. Glad you found reflexology helpful Matt/Mary. Sadly, I rarely get a treatment myself - a friend and I keep threatening to do a swap but life keeps getting in the way :) Had a couple of calls from agencies saying they're putting me forward for part-time jobs. Problem is that, as I can't stand for more than a couple of mos, there's dozens of applicants for the type of job I have to go for. Also I know when they see my CV I look like I'm over qualified for most jobs - just have to get to interview stage to assure them I don't want some high falutin' job now so fingers crossed. Onwards and upwards xx


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