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I have question regardng Naproxen.


I am prescribed Naproxen 500mg twice a day. Since my diagnosis of Sjogrens 6 weeks ago I have been taking Hydroxychoriquine and HRT I have had an ear infection for 3 weeks I have had 3 different types of antibiotics and been taking co codomol 15 - 500 for the pain. I havent been taking the Naproxen I feel I am taking a cocktail of drugs.

I went back to the doctors yesterday worrying that the infection isnt clearing and he said its more the inflammation now and I should take the Naproxen every day.

QUESTION does everyone on this type of anti inflammatories take them every day regardless of pain level or do you take them like paracetamol for pain relief?

Thanks Cath

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In the early days, before the DMARDS took effect and reduced the inflammation, I took Naproxen every day (as prescribed) - not forgetting the stomach protector (in my case lansoprazole). Once my disease was under control with the MTX and Hydroxy, I now only take it as a pain-killer as and if required.

Good Luck xxx

Hi Csth. You poor thing, sounds awful what your going through. I have ra and i am also being monitored for sjyorgens.

I take etodolac every day, this is a strong anti inflammatory, i discussed with my rheumy should i keep taking this all the time, and they said yes, regardless of pain as this keeps my inflammation at bay. Like you i am taking a cocktail of drugs and at times i feel like i am taking too many, but i am really luckly that my ra is pretty well controlled with ongoing niggles. But i very lucky compared to a lot of people so i will keep taking my meds. I hope you get some relief soon Cath as its horrible being in pain, my kids suffer ear infections and they end up in agont. Hope this info helps. Take care. Lynda xxxx






If you are taking antibiotics and DMARD do not mix as your immune is suppressed.

You need to talk to the RA Nurse as you may need to stop taking the DMARD until the infection has cleared

All the best



Hi Cath - I take Hydroxichloraquine only at the moment and am thought to have both Sjogrens and Raynauds secondary to RA - but it is the RA that seems to be well controlled just now compared to the other connective tissue stuff so I don't feel I need Naproxen.

My rheumatologist did say I should take both but I find naproxen makes me bloat after a few days and last time I took it I got a face full of hives! My GP agreed that I should only take it for inflamed joints though but as your ear is inflamed maybe you should follow doctors orders for a while just until your ears recover?

So we can take both but I prefer to use antinflammatories as and when required. And as you are on antibiotics as well as Hydroxy I quite understand that you don't want to add further meds in unless required.

Just a thought - are you under a specialist rheumatologist for Sjogrens Syndrome? Only from what I know about this condition it can cause ear problems as well as eyes, mouth and elsewhere. Basically anywhere where there are moisture producing glands - which includes the ears. Sorry not to be much use regarding naproxen - but if you are in a lot of pain then you may need your DMARDs reviewing too? Tilda

U can take them every day but ask for stomach tablets to take with them hope this helps x

I take 500mg of Naproxen twice a day for inflammation and still have to take Tramadol 3 times a day for pain. I also take Methotrexate. I get blood tests to check the liver (which all of a sudden is tremendously expensive), take Folic Acid to mitigate side effects of Mx, but, I am one of the fortunate ones that have few side effects and Tramadol continues to work for me.

Good Luck!

I am prescribed Naproxen twice daily which I take if the inflammation is bad but reduce it to 1 a day when it is easier, also take it with food as Naproxen can upset your stomach.

Hi Kath, I take 1000mg/day divided into 4 doses and para/codeine 3 times a day. They were a replacement for voltarol which has known side effects. Up to now I've had no problems. Cheers Sue x

Thank you for all the good advice and info. Its hard when we try to get things under control. I will take the naproxen every day at least until I feel this flare has passed and hopefully the hydroxy kicks in.

I have got a general rheumy who seems very thorough I will see him again in June. My gp has requested monthly blood tests. I also think think this last lot of antibiotics are working. So its just a case of adjusting and trying to find the energy to go to work run a family a house 2 dogs and keep a smile on our faces ha


Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for asking this question as I've been wondering the same about Naproxen! Hope your ear infection improves soon. Kiki x

Just prescribed naproxen yesterday for perineal tendinitis. I was told it is a strong anti inflammatory. It’s taken inflammation down immediately . My understanding is you only use it while you’ve got inflammation.

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