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Hi, I have seen my GP twice in the last two weeks, I have a viral infection, so unable to start methotrexate until it has gone. My husband went to see him yesterday as he has a very bad cough and white spots on his throat and lost his voice, GP said it will take its course so did not prescribe antibiotics, he also (GP) has the same and he said he's had it since Monday. My question is, should he not be working with such a heavy cold,?seeing so many patients and spreading his germs to vulnerable people.


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  • The sensible thing of course would be to wear a face mask, but thats not something that people in this country do. In Japan no one would think of going out with a cold without wearing a face mask.

    If you felt strongly about it, you could write to the practice manager and ask what the policy is on doctors and other staff continuing to work when they have potentially infectious illnesses, such as colds, and whether they would warn people with compromised immune systems. Though in practical terms, you are probably far more likely to pick up bugs in the waiting room than from the doctor.

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    It depends how He is feeling, many say the first 48 hours are infectious. Again not a GP. Personally I would have stayed off, although when I was at work, you had to ask permission in triplicate before your final gasp.If I was ill. Viral infection would go around and round, some would catch a couple of times before it cleared

    We all need to understand that the most unhealthy place to be is either a GP Surgery or Hospital. Doctors would most probably prefer you did not go down to surgery if possible because of this

    With regards, MXT your immune system can be compromised so it may be a good idea to wait before taking it until you husband has become a little better.

    Again discuss the with your RA nurse

    Hope all well soon


  • Thanks for your replies, would make sense to stay away from the GPs, but if you need antibiotics I have to be seen by him, he will not prescribe without seeing you first. I know the worst places to catch anything is at the hospital or doctors, but we have to go to these places. I just thought a GP would have more sense than to go to work whilst harbouring germs to spread around even more.


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    I do not think the GP will give antibiotics for a viral infection. They are only given for a biological infection.

    Wish you luck in the clearing of your cold etc


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