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My Doctor says MTX isn't working,need some advice please !!!!!

Started MTX mid Oct 15mg and thought that was it I'm sorted . Up to xmas still no change,then realised last week my swelling was out of control again.The main problem was my 1st finger on right hand (the area of my nail) was completely Numb.Monday I phoned Rheumy Nurse,she contacted Consultant,rang me that evening asked if it was discoloured...No...So she put it down to the swelling in the knuckles & fingers & think that is stopping the blood flow / circulation to the end of the finger & to come as normal for my app 27th Jan.

Then by Thursday more of the finger was numb,so phoned NRAS,they told me to let my Dr see it (not to wait)

Saw Dr that evening , he thinks the numbness is due to my Psoriasis in my fingers & the Mtx isnt working, told me to see rheumy nurse asap,also see the Consultant before March .....for higher dose of mtx or different meds.

So my question is my numb finger due to circulation or psoriasis or other.....

anyone experienced similar problems .

Any advice welcome ..Thanks .Anne xx

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Could be anything Anne. Think you have to talk to the docs, take photos also to show them. When my mtx didn't work they put me straight onto sulphasalasine another dmard. So good luck and hold on a bit longer Axx


Thanks,but I think it's the numb finger I'm bothered about,like now when typing ,not using it .:(


Ye I bet you are worried but I think the only answer is to talk to the Rheumy helpline? Your GP said to do that and I think that's where you will get your answer. I hope though someone here may have experienced it and give you more help, but for me see the Rheumy ASAP or tell your GP to call them on your behalf! AXX


Sorry....forgot to say,I phoned Rheumy Nurse Thursday evening & left a message as she wasn't back in her office till Monday.

That's the reason I would have liked some other peoples experiences before she contacts me probably tomorrow .

Thanks again Anne xx


Oh good Anne , not too long to wait hopefully then, I really hope they can give you the informAtion you need xxxxxxxx


I have had that problem where the swelling is causing my finger/fingers to go numb its not a nice feeling. I have never asked but have always put it down to the swelling trapping a nerve.x


Rheumy Nurse phoned tonight....brought my app forward to 21st Jan,said she thinks I need Mtx increasing to take my swelling down.This is 2nd week now with a numb finger & its so annoying,don't bother using it now.Not looking forward to increasing meds though x


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