hi everyone i would like to ask if anyone can give me sum advice i had to go hospital today for my 2nd course of rituxmab whilst was there

i saw the o.t and she informed me that the tendons in my right hand are strecthin iand i need to wear a splint see called it a complete resting splint and told me i wouldnt be able to use my right hand she didnt have time to explain anymore cous she had to be sum where else i wanted to no if you av to wear it all the time and how long i might have to wear it for and wat it is so i would be gratefull if anybody out there can help me please because im little worried because im right handed and if i carnt use my right at all im going to be in a mess thanks for takin time to read this btwi have R.A. thanks again.

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If no one on here can advise you try ringing your rheumy team and ask one of them, if you have a specialist rheumy nurse he/she would be a good place to start.

You say you have just had your 2nd course of rituximab, how are you getting on with it? I had my first course (2 infusions) before Christmas and although I am told that my arthritis count was lower when I had the next blood test, I haven't actually felt any improvement.


hi judy to be honest i dont i do from the steriods from my exp my r.a.count has only been high once or twice so i wudnt just trust that is your esr thats low or your cpr mine hasnt shown up in my blood but when i told i had it i spent 8wks in hospital it depends on hoe ur consultant views it im from derbys and i think i av 1 of best consultant so i def wudnt rely on blood test and as its ur 1st it will take 3/4mths b4 u feel any benefit so av they tried u on the anti T.N.F treatmeant 1st?


if u dont mind me askin where abouts do you av it


Hi Mark,

I was given a resting splint last year when my RA was at it's worst, I only wore mine at night and it did help relieve the pain. I was only diagnosed last year so uncertain about these things! I started anti-tnf in August and now crp is under 5!! :) I rarely wear any splints now (ironing and gym) I hope this is the case for you also!

If I remember correctly the OH nurse said the resting splint would also prevent carpel tunnel....

I would ring and ask though, stop you worrying hopefully, hope your new treatment goes well!


Hi Mark - I don't seem to get the expertese where I live that some others on here get re splints and specialist knowledge so I have to do quite a lot of research myself re my condition. I also have tendonitis in both hands but worse in my right hand (I'm right handed) caused by the RA in my knuckles and wrists my physio said. She seemed quite clear that the pain in my wrists was not caused by carpal tunnel from where it is mostly located.

I'm really not sure how much she or the OT know about RA but my OT says she knows a dedicated RA OT down in central belt Scotland whom she is trying to contact to find out more about what type of splints I require. I'm an artist so realistically I'm not going to quit using my hands to make my work as it is my life - although the physio did say that it would be good if I could learn to use my toes - but they aren't hugely much better than my fingers really!

So far my research on various forums including this one has led me to a company called Jura Medical and a splint called the Procool. My OT is now looking into which type of splint from Jura Medical would best suit me and then she will ask me to wear them all the time I'm working. I was using my old splints at night but they agravate my swollen knuckles too much. I've not heard of a splint that actually doesn't allow you to use your hands but I find my Champney's hot paraffin wax bath very good for forcing me to stop using them for a period of about an hour - and also I'm having a physio treatment twice a week where my hands and wrists are wrapped and contained in a strange metal claw as part of a therapy called Short Wave therapy and this forces me not to use them for 25 minute intervals too! TTx



My OT made me resting splints but i only used them at night .If i didn't i couldn't move my hands in the morning! I thought that you only used these at night but check with your OT

Julie x


When I had resting splints I wore them at night and when I was sitting down listening to the radio. I swopped onto the other (working) wrist/hand splints if I actually had to do something that involved using my fingers (clumsily).

Ask the OT exactly what she intended.

I'm lucky in that we have two specialist OTs for the rheumy depart. locally and I find they are the most helpful people I have ever talked to.


I also have tendonitis in most all the tendons in my right wrist, arm and hand. I have a resting splint I wear at night, which keeps my fingers from curling under and has a metal bar to keep the wrist straight. I was recently fitted with a working splint, which allows my hand and fingers to be free enough to do kitchen and laundry chores. The working one does make a difference, it stabilizes my wrist, keeps me from turning it over but allows me to do most of what I need to do.

I have also been referred to an Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hands, so I will see him on Feb. 10., to see what if anything can be done, mostly to stop the awful pain when I use my hand s for anything.

The splints help prevent further irritation from activity, also supports your arm and muscles, but how long to use them, you would have to ask the person you got them from.

I was told I could take it off during the day to write, if need be, so that's about all I can tell you. Let us know what you find out. Good luck! Loret xxx


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