13:00 Christmas Day

At 13:00 on Christmas Day where ever you are and with whatever you have in your hand raise a toast to each and everyone of us for living with our disease of Inflammatory Arthritis, that way I have covered everyones particular arm of the disease.

We do this each year for absent friends and families, I thought you might like to be included.

Have a very Good Christmas. xx

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  • Georje, what a nice idea. I'll toast with my cranberry juice (or whatever we end up drinking).

    Have a Merry Christmas.


  • Lovely idea xx

  • What a lovely idea:-} I will raise a glass of non-alcoholic Buck's Fizz and join you in that toast! Cece x

  • Yes a lovely Idea, I shall certainly join you with whatever I have. Happy Christmas to You, Rie x

  • When I read that I felt I wasn't alone what a special idea..well I will definitely join in at 1 and raise a glass of my favourite rose wine what I haven't had in a long while...and because its Christmas with my special family and sharing a special toast with you lovely understanding caring people...Heres sending a merry Christmas to you..thank you...Nicola :-)

  • Great idea will raise my glass to you all happy christmas xx

  • Indeed I will Happy Christmas one and all cheers! xgins

  • Merry Christmas my friend and i hope you and your hubby have a good one.xxxx

  • Happy Christmas & I will be raising my glass at 1 cheers x

  • Merry Christmas to everyone - I will certainly be raising a glass or two to us all xx

  • What a lovely thought! So, cheers to you and all of yours, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a New Year of Joy and Peace and freedom from suffering. xx

  • What a lovely and comforting idea Georje. I will be raising my (small) glass of sherry at one and toasting each and every one of us. Happy Christmas and a better new year to all. Love from Angela xx

  • lovely idea.. I will join you in that. merry Christmas and a better 2014 to all of us

  • sounds a lovely idea, will certainly join you all. Merry pain free Christmas to all.xx

  • I will be raising a toast with my fruit juice,

    Merry Christmas everyone

  • Mines was raised @ 1300hrs then again at various times during the day. Thank you for such s lovely thought too.


  • Yes..the magic hour of 13:00 was so comforting to know that at that moment so many were raising a glass and thinking of all of us. It was almost like being together on my Front Porch ! God bless us all!

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