Georje has emailed me and asked me to let you know that she can see what you have all written,but she can't answer you because her router has gone down and she is waiting for another one to be delivered.

I am still alive,but in a lot of pain.I have patches,but they don't last for more than three days. I am at the rheumy next week so we will see if i can get any answers then.Hope you are all alright.xxxx

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  • I hope they sort you out very soon....we would be lost without this media we now use...hope you can watch this evenings outing...I'm becoming a little nervous now for some reason..I don't thing others behave as well as I. !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you are in so much pain, it really is dreadful I know so I.ll pray for some respite for you very soon. Maryx

  • Lovely to see you post hun xx

  • I was asked to darling and if i posted about how my body idoing everyone would run for the hills. It is that bad .xxx

  • xxxx

  • Georje is a poo poo, oh what she can still read it aaaarrrggghhh xx

  • Hope she feels better soon. Hugs to you both...


  • Thank you and i have done what you asked me to do,xxx

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