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RA and Bowel related diseases

Hello and good morning to everyone

I notice that there have been numerous posts about RA sufferers and IBS or Colitis etc.

Last year I had three bouts of Diverticulitis and each time my joints flared up ( pre diagnosis) when I mentioned this to my GP he just frowned and said 'That's odd' .

My question is it?

Yesterday after a hideous panful episode in the loo, with rectal blood etc. my joints became so painful, I hardly slept. And today I feel wasted.

I see there is research and there is a proven propensity for Crohns and Ulcerative colitis patients to have related RA but anyone else with Diverticular disease?

Would be interested if anyone has any information on this.

Take care

Heather x

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I was hospitalised with diverticulitus,but i can't remember if my ra flared or not.I should see your doctor Monday if you can and get it checked


An ex-colleague used to take the MTX for his bowel disease to keep it under control. When he had flare ups his whole body used to ache, but he had not mentioned any inflammatory arthritis.


Heather , so sorry about how u r doing. I haven't read s research piece but I think personally autoimmune illnesses do show together sometimes , I have asthma RA and diabetes . A lot of people as you say get bowel disorders , there is often speculation on if bacteria in the gut can be a cause of RA but not proven yet.

However your typo did make me giggle , your hideous panful episode! But much more descriptive than painful if that's what you meant! Yes, sometimes you just have to laugh I think. Hoe u see the doc on Monday xx


Didn't see the typo! lol. How awful that read. I will see how it goes as I have had this before and I have the drugs to sort it out. I tend to self medicate a lot. xx


Lol no it made my morning! And bad girl , ! Go to doc especially when there's bleeding involved ! Xxx


Hello BOB here

All I have heard is irritable bowl problems caused by MXT and pain medications.

I suffer Diverticulitus, that is caused by a narrowing of the divertlicum think that is how you spell it.

All I could suggest is see the GP, there are medications available for this



Yes I think this seems to be the general consensus of opinion so I am going to let my GP know and see what he says. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Take care


Thanks all for your responses. I am quite sure their is a correalation between the two. Might do some more research. Have a good day all of you xx


sorry to read your distress. I have PsA and Crohns i take MTX for both up till now. It is being kept an eye on by the consultant fo Crohns.

I would see GP with blood being mentioned .

Sending hugs.XXX



Hug back Chris, thank you. xxx


Hi hev53 sorry to hear your not doing so well. Think i read something about this recently. some research is being done that the bowel has the largest immune system in our bodies. As yet not proven but it suggest this might have something to do with getting ra. Like the others have said think you should visit the gp xxx


Thank you Miss. I will have a telephone chat with my GP and tell him and take it from there. He is aware of my former bowel problems so it will be interesting to see what he says. Thank you xxx


Hi Hope your feeling better and have spoken with your GP and got some answers.

I have had IBS since 1987 mostly controlled very well that is until I started on the MTX a few months ago - since then it has been a real pain !! I had not made the connection until I read this so will be mentioning it when I go back to see consultant on Thursday

Jen x


My mother has Colitis and how now also been diagnosed with RA, I myself suffer from IBS, when I first saw my rhummy he asked if anyone in my family had Colitis or Crohns.


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