Hi everyone , im new to this wonderful site , was diagnosed 13 months ago with seron neg RA , After 6yrs of symptoms im having worst ever

Symptoms , in so much pain cant do much at all . Ie walk or get in /out of a chair .having neuro symptoms numbness jerking etc waiting to see neuro in 4 weeks . On methotrexate , hydroxqloriquine sulphalazine gabapentin . Tramadol co codamol . Im in tears last day or so and this morning got letter saying gp needs to see me about blood results had done wednesday do that mean somethings wrong .

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  • Oh Felicity, I do feel for you having to go through all that. The only time I need to be seen about bloods if if my ESR has got too high. So I can't really help you there. How on earth did you manage 6 years before diagnosis?? I'm sending you gentle hugs and hoping the news about your blood results is minor. xxx

  • Herllo BOB here

    Please do not worry, it could be to do with your white blood count, and the DMARD s you are taking. You will be seeing your Consultant in four weeks so just see your GP for next week,to put your mind at rest.

    Generally I would imagine your medications Gabapentin, Tramadol and CoCodamol should be ok .

    All the best


  • Hi and welcome to the site,

    I'm sorry that you're suffering so much, try not to worry too much about your blood results they tend to re do them if something is too high or too low. If it was anything drastic they would have taken immediate action and wanted to see you the same day - when my neutraphils went too low I was called in the day they had the results.

    I've had a lot of neuro symptoms similar to what you describe, as have quite a few people on here. I know it's scary when things are so outside of your control, it does sound like you might be having a flare given the increase in your pain levels. Have you got people around who can help and support you?

    The NRAS Helpline is a really good place for getting help and support when you're feeling teary and overwhelmed and you can come on here anytime and get support - you're not alone:-}

    Gentle cyber-hugs,

    Cece x

  • Thanks for your replys , the 6 yrs was because being seron neg my bloods never showed rheumatoid factor , so was sent down neurologist route thinking it was MS . IM not going to worry about the bloods probaly something very simple like anemic will let you all know , Whats your story Bob & poems galore its so nice to talk to someone with same condition so glad to find this site ive been alone WITH this and its quite over whelming . Regards. Teresa felicitys my grandaughter lol x

  • Thanks cece my hubbys been amazing . Works nights so home with me in day . So is neuro probs common with RA cause i was starting to think its something else my mri showed 2 lesions on brain of no significance but c spine and l spine show spondolosis and spinal stenosis . Said encroachment of the foramina at c5 c6 facet joint hypertrophy c3 c4 plus same at L4 L5 L5/s1 plus the norm wear tear disc bulge etc . And thats without the hands hips knees wrists feet shoulders . All we want for Xmas is new bodys. Lol would love to hear others stories now im aware of how so many have this awful painfull condition . X

  • Joint inflammation and erosion can cause pinched and trapped nerves. Inflammation and damage in my cervical spine area causes pins and needles, numbness and loss of sensation in my arms and prolapsed discs in the lumbar spine have been causing sciatica and numbness and loss of sensation in my legs. I also have neuropathic pain - burning, shooting pains etc - from nerve damage caused by shingles.

    I'm glad that you've got a supportive husband - it does help to talk to other people with the same condition though which is why this site is so good:-)

    Cece x

  • Oh that sounds so familiar , this has really helped me to understand that this is Probaly the RA and not another awful condition . Do you have help and support yourself hun , sounds like you are suffering as well . Im still findin all the jargon confusing lol Whats CPP ?

  • I've got great kids [adults now] and a support system of close friends. I think that I'm just used to the RA now - get a bit fed up when it decides to really go for it and attack a previously not too bad area [currently elbows are hideous]. But other than that it's just situation normal - I step-up and step-down the pain killers depending on my pain levels, take 2 - 3 hours to get fully mobile in the morning and rely on naps during the day to deal with the fatigue:-} Yes, I am the 'Princess of Pacing' ! And my very enthusiastic dogs keep me amused.

    Do you mean CRP? That's C-reactive protein - a measure of inflammation in the body.

    Cece x

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