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Ok, as it's coming up to Christmas I'll start with this one:

Ok, as it's coming up to Christmas I'll start with this one:

The Disgruntled Fairy

Well - here I am,

look at me;

the fairy on top of the Christmas tree.

Dress all torn,

wings all tattered -

and a magic wand that's bent and battered.

My rosy cheeks are a little bit faded

and my smile is looking decidedly jaded.

I wish that Christmas was over and done

as these pine needles stick in my bum,

but I'll just sit tight,

even though

I suffer from serious vertigo!

For two whole weeks I'm perched up here

then it's back in the box for another year,

squashed between a bauble and a bell

no wonder I end up looking like hell.

I suppose one day they'll throw me out

with the left over turkey and brussel sprouts

'til then they gaze at me from afar -

but I wish they'd swap me for a bloomin' star!

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Brilliant! Yep they were right about that twinkle in your eye! So funny, thanks x


Fabulous!!......Christmas tide is upon us......Awwe I do love a poem......TY...X




Love it x


Excellent. I really enjoyed it! Thank you. Maryx


Oh gawd I must be having a bad day. Your poem was so evocative that i had a sniff at the thought of the loyal fairy being bined along with the Brussels sprout.


Sorry nedd, I had hoped it would make people laugh. Here's another that might do just that.


Trotting through the dusk on that deserted country lane,

a sight I'd never seen before - nor never will again,

as if by magic there suddenly appeared

a host of hairy goats, unusual and weird.

The big orange leader inspected his troops,

made them form lines, sorted them in groups,

marched up and down like a sergeant at roll-call

I'd swear on my life he inspected them all.

A fat multi-coloured chap with horns that curled round.

A scrawny old bill with a beard down to the ground.

A milk laden nanny, two kids close behind

bickering and snickering (they had an axe to grind).

Elegant twins with hooves painted pink

and roses twined around their ears (at least that's what I think).

They came in their fives and they came in their tens,

they stretched so far along the road, I couldn't see the end.

So where were they headed, this brightly coloured throng?

Straight past me and towards the pub that I'd just staggered from.


...and I come across this brilliant piece just as I stagger to bed, across the Atlantic! Loret


He he well done


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