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a batty tale :)

2 bats, bob & wilf, live in the rafters of a derelict barn on an abandoned farm. it's been a bitter cold, frozen few weeks, no little animals are about, so the bats are starving. they take it in turn to search for food each night, but find nothing.

the oldest bat, bob, is getting desperate seeing wilf return with no food, he flies off into the dark.

five minutes later, he returns, his mouth smeared with blood.

"YOU DID IT!" shrieked the young bat, "you found food! where?"

"calm down." bob says

" see the 3rd telegraph pole to the right of the tree?"

"yes! yes!" squeaks wilf. bob sighs,

"well I didn't..."

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Aww...You made me feel sorry for a BAt?


Here Hee x u batty lady!


hehe...I liked that !


Oh Great, just loved this. Gave me a good laugh. We do have bats flying around here and I am very fond of the little creatures. We have the tiny Pipistrelles and the larger long eared bats and some nights, you can hear them talking to each other as they search for insects. I find them fascinating. LavendarLady x


Thank you...loved it...I used to work for animal welfare and used to go into schools and talk about wildlife...bats were one of my favourite things to talk about...and I was lucky enough to get to hold the little things now and then...they are very sweet. Mary x


Great bat joke San you had my attention all the way LOL


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