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Weather & the weekend

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What a lovely Christening we had today my great nephew was a little sweetheart, the Church was in the middle of nowhere, the vicar a gem she was so much fun, had all the little ones taking part, we had an amazing spread of tea and cakes afterwards.

After my long trip north to Stafford for the show yesterday I was very grateful for the extra hour in bed, its all probably a bit to much in one weekend eeeek paying the price now but my little 4 legged baby has now well and truly qualified for Crufts in March doing very well again at the show yesterday :)

We have now packed all the garden furniture and ornaments in to the garage and made sure everything is secure, wind is blowing hard, stay safe everyone

Jen x

3 Replies

Fabulous news on both things Jen , congratulations for your great day xx


Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend Jen....well done to your nephew and your little furry we shall look out for you at Crufts. xx

P.S. stay safe now....we've already got the wind and rain picking up outside now....sounds like it's getting worse.


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