My darling little grand-dog

My darling little grand-dog

As mentioned in previous replies to Jojo this is our daughters westie, Teddy. This makes him my grand-dog. We lost our own westie 6 yrs ago and we are finally going to take the plunge and get another. Teddy is one year old now and is simply a joy, so loving and mega intelligent, he seems to understand everything you say to him. We realise now how empty are lives are without a dog, and after seeing Jojo's little dog Purdy earlier we are now looking around for one. I spend much more time at home now because of my RA and other health issues so it's time to find a little furry friend.

Lynda x

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  • Oh well done for getting another dog,,i have had westies all my life,,and when the last one went over the rainbow bridge i just could not get another one,, yet here we are 4yrs on and i have got myself a gorgeous rescue dog,,we are inseparable,,apart from having RA, i have COPD,so walking her is doing me a power of good, i have had no lung infections since having her, and because she doesn,t go on the lead i don,t have to suffer with my hands with all that lead pulling,,( apart from crossing the main rd in Weymouth to get to the beach), so happy walking to you,,, :)

  • Yes, there is a reason that they're [wo]man's best friend - you can never be lonely with a dog around:-}

    Cece x

  • Hi Lynda, I'm sure you'll find your perfect companion very soon, our furry little friends give us so much love and joy!

    When you do find your new furry pal you must post a picture of him as I'm sure we'd all love to be introduced.

    Good luck & hugs xxx

  • Oh Lynda he's adorable! I am so pleased to hear you are going to get another Westie! :-)

    My Purdy means the world to me and I'm so glad she inspired you too xxx

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