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Oh shi..........e

Quick literally darlinks. Rubbing has come down with diarrhoea and vomiting. Well I don't know where to look, seriously! He came in for rehearsal and all of a sudden I was holding his hand when I was on the floor and he was doing you know the Anne Widdicome move pulling me after him , when it happened! He clutched his stomAch, let out a gasp and then. ..... Well to describe the speed of dashing to the gentlemans room and how on earth he got out of the catsuit in time I will never know! !

So Sir Bruce again has kindly offered to step in ! I think miss world should watch out, he is very charming , and does not appear to have bowel problems.

So doctor is on site and I hope he works his magic darlings for the show , off to buy some air freshener and hand gel so will update you ,later sweeties , what I do for my art!

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Like a seance, anyone there or are u all to shocked with my rehearsals !


Knock once for yes and twice for no :-)


Exactly! Well I thought it was funny snd giggled all the way through lol , u in your onesie yet lol xx


I think you need this quantity of paper for ze loo I am zending you It has been kept cold and will help ze getleman. ho ohoho

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