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Out because of injury -soz

Hi guys. Sorry about the failure in my second dance but, having just started to recover from the family troubles, life has seen fit to throw me a curve ball. Had a visit from my manager on Monday which I thought was just an appraisal after my first (rather traumatic) month but turned out she was giving me the push with no notice and no real explanation of anything other than the tiniest errors you'd expect from someone just starting a new job (especially one who's relative is busy trying not to die!). I have a sneaky suspicion that the lady who used to do the job regretted retiring early as she rocked up for a visit the week before but, short of casing the joint, I'll never know. So now I'm busy trying not to die of panic and look for a job in a hurry. Luckily I'm still a retired member of the union from my former job so waiting to hear if I've got a case but don't really want to go back as it's a tiny office and the atmosphere would be awful but would be nice if I could get more than a month's money to tide me over. Good luck to all my former rivals x

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Hi misty,

So sorry to hear of you dilema, there is nothing worse than an unfair employer. I personally would contact your union rep for employment termination advice. Employers are under strict instruction on the dismissal of an employee. Especially one with a disability.

Good luck, dont let them grind you down.

Apply now for housing and council benefit, it can take 30days for assessment so get your call and form submitted early.

Thinking of you.



That's blooming awful, were u on a trial month or not? You need to fight this tooth and nail and get compensation for wrongful dismissal and then tell them u don't want to work for them lol ! Feeling so sad for the trials u r going through just now xxx


This is awful....I would definitely take advice to see if you have a case for unfair dismissal....I'm afraid I've had this happen to me once...very traumatic especially with everything else you have to deal with. I shall pray for a good result for you.....xx

Hope you are OK and we will try an keep you smiling with the Strictly antics....big hugs xxxx


How awful. Some employers deserve not to have a business if they treat people like that. Good luck in finding a new job.


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