Well....for those of you who are waiting with bated breath !!!!!

I took 4 of those little tablets about 9pm last night,bed after Grham Norton(oh he does make me laugh)disturbed a few times in night(that's nothing new)Then woke around 9am as usual,and felt ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!

Walked the dog,helped hubby cut the lawns,bit of shopping now sat enjoying strictly come dancing with lots of goodies(without the wine)So that's day 1. Long may it continue Anne xx

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  • Brilliant brilliant news , little word of caution from the worst pacer in the world lol, don't overdo it or u pay for it the next day, pace yourself, I know I'm not the one to talk though!

    Fabulous though long may it continue!

  • Thanks,but you know the daftest thing is even my swelling & pain has gone down stupidly today....& I know it doesn't work that quick xx

  • Well whatever enjoy being pain free! And cross fingers the treatment is just working quickly for u! Out of interest did u get a steroid to help u through or not?

  • No,just naproxen & loads of diclofenac cream xx

  • Lovely to hear your feeling good long may it last. Word of caution don;t over do it!!! mind i am the worst at that one!!!! xx

  • I think we all do when we're feeling goooood :)

  • Great so dance and sing "I feel good!" Xx

  • great to hear that you are feeling so good after taking the tabs however as others have said remember to pace and long may it last


  • well its day 2,still no side effects but thanks xx

  • :)

  • That's great news long may it continue xx

  • Glad you are alright. I hope that it continues to make you feel fantastic! Clemmie

  • Thanks,you're next xx

  • I am so pleased for you - now just pop the pills & forget them...but as others say don't go mad and over do it - the pills are amazing but they aren't a miracle cure. Don't be downhearted if you do have to stop them if you have some sot of hiccup - I have found I can go back on them and just pick up where I left off. You will probably have to up the dose - but that seems normal (I take 8 per week) but hey no pain and on the whole I feel great taking them!! Do keep us all up to date on how you are going...Kathy

  • Thanks,I do feel I'm one of the lucky ones,but I am also aware things could change.I do have to up my dose (think it's after week 6)from 10mg to 15mg. Hope that doesn't change things too much!!Good to hear you're ok on them.Day 3 now still no side effects,hands swollen & painfull today hope it starts working soon.I'll keep posting & you too it's good to hear success stories Anne xx

  • Slowly slowly that's how I found it at first - it sort of crept up on me that it was working & I felt OK. I do have days when I don't feel brilliant - but I think that is a small price to pay for the lack of pain and generally being able to lead a normal life. The one thing I would really like to get back to is playing tennis - but then I have always wanted what I can't have!! I have just been in California and I did hit a few balls, but I know I will never get back to playing regularly. Hope your hands get easier - this horrid weather doesn't help does it? Take care, Kathy

  • Wow California !!Ha,you can't have everything lol(I'm jealous)

    but so glad you're ok on Mtx,hope I will be,I increase after 4 weeks apparently,so we'll see Anne xx

  • good news x

  • Thanks,lets hope it continues x

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