Anyone had just part of bone removed from base thumb joint?

I have had RA for ten years, and am getting to the end of various operations, to repair the damage to various joints, 14 in total up to now. I saw my fantastically funny orthopedic surgeon yesterday regarding extreme pain in the base joint of my left thumb. Some years ago I had the base joint of my right thumb removed and some form of division made of a tendon to fill in the space or something like that and it works wonderfully.

This time, he said now consultants don't like to remove the whole bone of "Rummies" so he would do day case, key hole surgery and remove just some of the bone and see how it works.

I have never heard of anyone having this done before, have you?


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  • Hi Muffin I just find it totally amazing what surgeon's can do these days hope it all goes well for you :)

  • Hi Muffin, my surgeon recommended similar surgery for me as well re. My thumb/wrist, he said that doing it this way he would have the option to go back in there again if needed and repeat the procedure as and when required, this is because RA will keep nibbling its nasty way with the joints, very different damage to that caused by OA. I am also having surgery on my knee, Arthroscopy/synovectomy again because it gives surgeon opportunity to re visit the knee as and when further deterioration happens. He said he prefers this as opposed to total knee replacement when RA is active. I am very fortunate having 2 fantastic ortho surgeons, one for hands, one for knees. By the way on my last visit re. Terribly painful thumb the consultant gave me steroid injection at base of thumb, it was the most painful one I have ever had to endure, seemed to go on and on !! After it was over he said he had woven the needle through several bones to gain max. Relief, well it did work, took about two weeks though and I have been enjoying such relief from it these past few weeks, he is a marvel, I am also wearing brace for thumb/wrist again and seeing him again in November when we will sort out the surgery. Take care, lynda x

  • Thanks for your reply. My RA is in drug dependent remission, thank goodness, that is why I cannot understand why I am to have the part removal of the bone.

    I also have had several injections, some worked, some didn't, but I am told the smaller the joint, the more painful - hence your very painful thumb.


  • Glad to hear you are enjoying bit of remission, and I hope your surgery goes well fo rou, lynda x

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