good morning all, i have been through a bit of a dip, and just withdraw into myself when that happens, however i think i am back to myself, I have hardly been on the internet at all so am sadly behind times with everyone's health and well being. I start my new job tomorrow and have been busy trying to pull everything together in my old job. I am sad at leaving all the clients behind, they were so sweet.

I am worried that physically i will not be up to the new pace of work, but they do seem ok regarding appointments etc it is probably just jitters but i do seem to have had an increase in pain.and tiredness these last few weeks.

good luck to all the strictly competitors

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  • Hi mads, good to hear you're back. Hope you are feeling OK now.

    I'm sure you will be perfectly fine in your new job....nerves can cause health problems to increase, so maybe it is the worry you're feeling of starting your new job that's causing the tiredness & pain. Hope it all goes well when you do start....what am I saying.....it will go well for you...I shall send out positive vibes for you!

    Hope you can follow the strictly journey sometimes.....the first week was really good and 'm personally looking forward to what's going to be delivered on week 2!

    Take care xx

  • Glad you're back and Best of luck for tomorrow Mads. Am sure the next few weeks will be tiring as you get to know the place so remember to pace yourself at home, in so far as you can:-)

  • hiya Mads , remember why you are leaving!!! and bet they love you in your new job, good luck xx

  • Hi Mads pleased to hear from you. Am sure its the nerves that are giving you the runaround!! Really hope you enjoy your new job. They know you suffer from RA and still they are happy to give you a job. Sending you lots of positivity you will be great.Go Girl best wishes from me xx

  • Good morning Mads,i am sure your jittery this morning,but you will be fine my friend.One hour into the job and you will be wondering what you were worrying about. They chose you because you were the best so keep remembering that. You will come home tonight and flop into your chair and say thank god the first day is over and you will think next i can't wait for tomorrow as you have found you enjoyed it so much.xxxxxx

  • Hello you kind people today my first day and it was half day, they ease u in - one month of induction really well organised.

    Last nite terrible cramps and was sick, felt so bad this morning I took an antisickess tablet which kept me ok til the drive home, the poor car I collected the girls I was sick again so now jn bed hoping it will clear up by tomorrow.

  • Hows it been going, are you enjoying the work?

  • Hi Mass

    Good luck in the new job. I think the tiredness etc., will pass, it maybe due to you finishing up at your old place & nerves about starting in a new environment.

    Hoping you will feel well soon

    Joanne x

  • Sorry Mads the mistake is due to kindle' s over keen predictive text. :(

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