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Do most people here have a flu jab? Reason i'm asking is that I had my first one last year following advice from GP. To say it didn't go well is an understatement, following the jab I ended up fainting, smacking my head on the floor and ending up at A&E with concussion. Doctors thought it was reaction to the jab. Now the time is coming round to having it again. Not looking forward to it!!!

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  • hi charlotte.i have my flu jab every year with no problems, but that's just me. I wonder if like me you don't like injections and got a bit flustered ? xx

  • I have it every year without problems. It can be different each year though just because of what they put in it. If you do have it again, make sure that you don't leave the doctors surgery until you feel absolutely fine. In our surgery they won't let you go for at least 10 minutes to make sure you don't have a reaction.

  • Hi, thanks for replies, i'm kinda used to blood tests, I've had them quite often since the age of 9. However after flu jab, i remember feeling quite agitated and anxious for a while afterwards before fainting. It's ironic really, our medications suppress our crazy immune systems.to control the RA yet the one thing about having a crazy immune system is that in theory we should never get colds etc. Lol!!

  • Funny you should say that. I haven't had a cold for about three years or more,when I asked my consultant if it was because of RA he laughed & said no its because I'm very healthy. I don't think so, I certainty don't feel healthy. I've never had the flu jab,when I nursed my husband & two of my adult children with swine flu (they were so poorly) I didn't get it & I never seem to pick up any of the bugs that everyone around me seem to get. Not that I'm complaining just curious to know why. Hope you it goes better for you this time x

  • Touch wood when you say 'never'........

  • I do....x

  • I always have flu jab. Unless there are really good reasons I think people should because spreading it around isn't very responsible. I've also found that I have fewer colds, but can't explain why. Maybe it's because I'm in touch with fewer people than when I worked. Having said that I picked up a real corker of a cold on plane returning from holiday. So I'll wait for that to clear up before having my jag.

  • I always have the flu jab too. I've not had any problems. Touch wood I don't suffer many colds either.

  • At our surgery we are advised to wait a good five minutes before leaving incase of reactions. Last year a young girl was extremely ill it turned out she was needle phobia which made her react more. I would try and get a there early and do some breathing exercises to help calm you down. I keep counting slowly to ten when I am going through a panic attack. xx

  • Had my first fly jab last Friday, recommended by surgery after starting MTX for RA in July. I was warned my arm would ache, which it did but the site of the injection has gone very red and hard (about the size of a 50p piece), it's also quite sore. I can remember having a similar reaction to a holiday vaccination a few years ago. I will mention it to my GP when I see her on Wednesday but presume it will just subside; Friends and partner have never had a problem.

  • I am carefull to have the fluarix by glaxosmithkline flu jab as the swine flu jab made me very poorly and upset my joints . They thought it was the particular suspension it was in but I find this one fine . Take care.

  • I have taken the flu jab for many years and have never had any problems, and more importantly have never had flu.............

  • I had my flu jab and I am giong this year. Idont wont the aches and pain from flu, and my ra pain to.

  • It's important if you're new to RA [or have never had it] to get the pneumo-vax too to protect from pneumonia - it's recommended when you are taking immunosuppressant drugs.

    FYI - nhs will also vaccinate family members who live with you to prevent them bringing illnesses into the home.

    Got my flu jab booked for October. My advice would be to take someone with you who can distract you prior to to injection and sit with you afterwards - and don't look at the needle! My son's fiancee didn't have her flu jab last year [very needle phobic] and had a horrible bout of flu that had her off work for three and a half weeks as she got a secondary chest infection - not nice at all. She'll be getting the jab this year even if my son has to carry her there!

    Cece x

  • I had the pneumo vax last year, I honestly haven't felt well since and still have a large hard lump in my muscle on the injection site. I hope I don't need it again!

  • I was interested to hear from Caza. I too have never had a flu jab and have never had flu or even a cold since being on the imumosuppressants (Humira) - which is over 4 years now!! Even before that I never had flu - just at most a mild cold! Maybe I am not alone with this phenomenon!! However, my daughter does have the flu vaccine, so I hope it all goes well for you this time.

  • I avoid all vaccines like the plague (!) since I read extensively on the web about side effects. Would rather believe 'anecdotal' evidence re MMR, flu vaccine etc. than be brainwashed by our caring, sharing government. Anything offered free on the NHS & 'encouraged' by GPs (who make money from every take-up) is deeply suspect. Couldn't believe it when I heard a Labour proposition to withhold child benefit from parents refusing the MMR vaccine! Control, control, control!

  • Thanks for replies, to be honest i don't remember having full blown flu just colds. I used to catch colds with ease but since having RA they are few and far between. I will discuss last year with G.P before booking next flu jab.

  • I too had the flu jab last year and was quite poorly with it. My rheumy nurse said its possible to get a side effects from the vaccine and these mimic having flu, but the vaccine can not give you flu, it is a killed vaccine. Even with side effects it is still better than getting flu!!!!!

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