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Was diagnosed with RA and ulcerative colitis two years ago. Have been on MTX for RA and Asacol for UC. I have been having problems with my

stomach and they now tell me it is no UC but Crohns and have now been told I can no longer have MTX but need to go on Hurmira as the Crohns has caused fistulas in my bowl. They tell me that Humira will treat both the RA and Crohns but have read about Humira and am concerned with some of the side effects. Is anyone else on Humira and if so how is it?

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Sorry not on Humira, just wanted to sympathise. Both RA and Crohns are inflammatory diseases aren't they?

It must be worth trying Humira, you will be closely monitored, and you might find it works really well. So good luck to you!


I also have Crohns with PsA . I am still on MTX and not doing to bad, i was told if i have trouble they can swap Dmards , there is supposed to be better for Crohns than MTX. That is the last one they use.I am to have the camera again next year to inspect what is happening.I hope Humira helps .



Hi I have been on Humira for 18 months for RA and pretty much back to my normal self before RA. I go to the gym 3 times a week even have personal trainer to get my muscles stronger to help the joints (just in case Humira stops working which it can at any time) you haven't got to think to much about what can happen using Humira the same as MTX they need to tell you the worst case. If I was you I would try it you will be closely monitored.



Ra and crohn's are both auto-immune disorders. I have ra and my cousin has crohns. She has had it since she was 12 years old. She is now 22. She has had it particularly tough due to how young she was but now she has found a successful medication and leading a happy and normal life. I agree with Cindy because it did take my cousin a while to find a med that gave relief for any length of time, Best of luck,



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