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Ticking along

Well 6 days in and the arava hasn't impacted phew so relieved no adverse side effects as yet! woo hoo. I do think however that my body is starting to betray me big time. Blood sugar levels way too high so I have had to do a glucose tolerance test and having a scan on parathyroid glands on Monday then woo get to do a sleep study to see if I have sleep aponea! Falling apart at they seams seems to be appropriate hahahah

Hope you are all feeling OK and relatively pain free. Looks like it might snow here where I live in Oz. My grandson will be happy he wanted to come to Nanna's house and see the snow for his birthday, he might just get his wish!

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I didn't realise you got snow over there. Its no fun is it having ra,mine is giving me a good kicking at the moment.Hugs your way.xxxx


Yes parts of Oz do get snow. I live in the Capital and we occasionally get cold enough to snow, mostly only light and doesn't stick around for long thank heavens.

I have only just started meds so apparently it will take 2 months or so to work.


Snow yuk,we had more than our fair share last winter. We were even snowed in for a weekend not nearly as romantic as they have you believe in the films! Pleased the meds are working for you but sorry that the rest of you is falling apart. x


I imagine like being flooded in I am familiar with that. I don't think I could live where it snowed that much as I hate the cold. It doesn't stay on the ground long where I am a bit of a novelty really but 2 hours away are the snowy mountains so lots of snow there this weekend I imagine for all the skiers. Meds aren't really working yet but they aren't killing me so I think it is a win or sorts hahaha Was very worried about side effects and so far only some nausea and yes shame about the rest of me not falling on to line!


Hi, its hard to think that you can get snow in Australia as I always think of your winters being better than our summer.

Sorry to hear that you are having a lot of health problems.

I have problems with my parathyroids glands and have high calcium in the blood which causes lots of problems, and as I have RA it is a battle.

Mary x


Yes we do get snow in Southern New South Wales and Victoria Alpine regions, sometimes light dusting in other areas. It also get sup in to the 30s in summer in the same areas we are a nation of contrasts.

So are they doing anything about your parathyroid? Just curious as I would imagine if it is not right they would take them out so it stops the problem. I suppose I will find out after scans and go back to see rhuematologists.They seemed a bit concerned about it I had no idea hahah


Hi, I have family in Sidney and it is lovely there but it can be too hot for me and they think it is too cold for them when they come to Scotland.

I was only told last week that they are thinking of doing surgery to remove the faulty glands, they have been monitoring me for ages with this problem.

I am waiting on an appointment for a neck scan. I was also told that I have Kidney stones which showed in my lastest stomach scan which is caused by the parathyroid glands.

To be honest I never know which symtoms are from the gland problems and which are from the RA.

I was also told that my bone density has decreased so this is another sign that they need to remove the glands.

Mary x


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