Rosehip for RA?

I know were always being targeted by those wishing to make some easy money out of our misery and I freely admit that I've spent more than a couple of pounds on "health" products after reading articles in magazines. A few days ago a friend told me to try rosehip and said it gets great reviews. She has OA not RA but a quick look online brought up a couple of interesting articles. Saying that, I could also find interesting articles on the wonders of drinking vege juice or wearing copper bracelets but realistically they won't make a difference to my RA. So has anyone actually tried rosehip and has it made any difference to your RA?

Paula x

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  • I haven't tried it, but have also read some articles. (Think one was about their use in Scandinavia?? for RA, which sounded promising) Last autumn me and my daughter picked some locally, with the intention of making rosehip syrup, but I'm sorry to say they are still sitting in the freezer. If anyone has had good results, I may be tempted to dig them out try.


  • Maybe I'll be guinea pig lol. I'll check out with my nurse about drug interactions first though.

  • Yes I use it regularly - my rheumy was very impressed when I said I was taking it as he was saying that research is beginning to prove that it does help.

  • Hi i haven't tried rosehip. I have been taking ginger it seems to be of help most swelling has gone. I am amazed feel well how long it lasts who knows. xx

  • It has some clinic evidence for Osteo arthritis, I have tried it, not sure it makes much difference for RA it is more for OA..

  • my rheumy new I took it when first diagnosed. it doesnt interact with RA meds.. not sure she thought it would help, ,but I try to keep an open mind... the main brand is litozin.. distributed through GR Health products were my mother was quality control manager for over 25 years

  • My Grandmother swore by it, she said it helped her & she always let me have some when we visited. She used Vitamin C with rosehips, they were monster huge chewable pills. I don't know which kind of arthritis she had, but my hands look like hers did.


  • Thanks so much for the replies as I like to keep an open mind about "alternative" therapies. You never know what may help and just researching and trying new things brings hope....for me it does anyway :-)

  • I haven't tried rosehip but I used to love eating rosehip jam (my Austrian grandmother used to bring it over from Austria, not sure if it's available here) - it was called Hagebuttemarmalade. Thanks for the tip - will look into it again!

  • Hagebuttermarmalade :-) now that sounds a tasty way to treat RA. Wish mtx was supplied more like that!!

  • I took Rosehip tablets for about a year as I was developing OA & a friend swears by it for that - it did seem to help a little with OA but had no effect on my RA. I stopped taking it because I ran out and in fact found no difference in my OA without it..................hope it works for you...............Kathy

  • Thanks Kathy. I found the same when I tried glucosamine supplements. They made no difference so I stopped when I finished the bottle. They do work for my husband as he has OA in his knee though

  • Hi paulywoo............Yes I tried glucosamine as well - and chondroitin(?) - even tried the copper bracelet when I developed the OA - all I got was a green wrist! I am now very settled on Mtx with the occasional Naproxen, and sometimes I get a steroid injection of Depomedron if I do have a period where everything hurts. I really consider myself very lucky when I read of the problems so many on this site have in trying to get a drug regime that helps.

  • We used to be given rosehip syrup as kids - it was scrummy and I recall chewing an actual rosehip when I was a kid, expecting this lovely sweet sticky taste, and being very disappointed that it tasted so horrid! I've never seen rose hip syrup as a product since childhood but my mum had lots of health notions relating to diet so I'm sure she have us this syrup for a reason. X

  • Lol Tilda, I can just imagine your face!

  • Well picture urchin with eczema covered face and very patchy white hair and a big grimace and you'll have it in one!

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