Managed to do it

finally managed to apply a profile picture to my account. Cant say I am a total technophobe but found I could not manage to do it before. I did only try to attach pictures with the correct specifications but could just not do it on the old system. This is a picture of my beautiful grandson Harvey 7 weeks tomorrow. Looks like he has found a good position to relax and have others running around. Not been on much lately as still not keen on the new format and been busy too. I am now taking the mthx on a Sat night and have not been having any problems with it. I have however felt a bit c**p by Wednesday and Thurs, don't know if this is from the mthx or if then steroids are starting to wear off.

Have got a busy 2 weeks ahead with 2 weddings an 80th and a 60th birthday party and a trip away for a couple of days so may not be on much again

hope you are all feeling ok and sending you gentle hugs

cris xx

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Beautiful baby. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead,enjoy xx


thanks will do hope you keeping ok xx


Yes I'm okish,I got stung by a wasp earlier on today & for some stupid reason it's started my joints off. Up to then I'd been doing well! x


A lovely Picture Cris, I hope you are able to enjoy the next couple of weeks, Take care xx


Well for my screen I have managed to enlarge all the posts etc when using this site, but how I did it, like you not sure! Still it means I don't need new glasses for a while!

Love the picture, you will have your time sorted when he gets a bit older. Enjoy the next few weeks of planning that you have. xx


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