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2 months pain free

Well not been on for a while but just to say after adding Sulfa to my drug regime I had no pain at all for about 2 months. I thought finally this is it my treatment is finally right for me. However over last week my flares are slowly returning ive had about 3 different flares in last week wrist, fingers and last night shoulder. Does this illness ever get under control for long periods or is it always lurking in the background. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Strange thing is flares always start early evening. Is it due to me working full time. Any ideas out there.

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Hi Debbie50,

I used to be the same whilst working each evening I would be shattered alongside all the aches and pains in different areas of my body, but most of all in the wrist and fingers of my right hand, (I am right handed). I noticed it more if I had a day at work whereby the mouse was in continual use through busy times, especially when I was trying to input data from my works computer to another computer and marry the data up to become one. Are you doing any extra work at the moment or under pressure to get a particular piece done in a timeframe as this could well be the stress factor that has made you flare again.

If none of this is the reason then it could well be that your RA is saying you have had a nice holiday and I am going to play havoc for a short while. I would see your GP or speak to your Rhumey team if it continues. Either way you are doing everything that your medical team are telling you and that means you are not doing anything wrong. I hope it gets sorted again soon and that theses flares don't last too long for you. Take


I agree with Georje. I'm waiting nervously for flare ups because I've dropped dose of MTX - below what my rheumy would have liked but as much as I can tolerate. I think being physically and mentally stressed does trigger flare ups for many so perhaps you need to find a method of relaxing more in the evenings? My flares have generally started in the evenings too and usually go for my right wrist and hand first also. Hope its just a temporary blip for you.x


Tilda, what dose were you on and how much have you dropped down to? I was on 25mg pw but have halved it. Docs don't want to listen, just tell you its controlling the RA at the higher dose. I reduced over a year ago and my bloods etc are exactly the same!


I was on 17.5 injectable MTX and am now down at 12.5 against my rheumy's advice. So far it's made no difference to my RA either. I did have a hike in my ESR about 6 weeks ago (44) and haven't quite got as low as I was when I took 17.5 yet, but at that stage I was taking Hydroxy too.

But when I saw the rheumy ten days ago (who had previously told me not to go below 15mg) he told me I had no swollen joints at all and my ESR was down to 28! However I have suffered from horrible pins and needles everywhere for the past two weeks but hey you can't have it all I guess? My GP thinks the MTX is the cause of this neuropathy and wants me off it but I'm worried by this suggestion as rheumy said RA would come back and may be harder to control again if re-introduced.

I think the switch to injections was what made the big difference to my bloods and when I came off MTX and Hydroxy for a month in March/April I flared badly after 3 weeks. But basically I feel I want to go to the lowest dose possible and injections seem to be letting me do this because they are a lot more effective than pills. Might be worth switching yourself? - although it gives you less flexibility when it comes to lessening your dose yourself of course. But it bypasses the gut so it is much better absorbed and significantly more effective in injectable form. Tilda x


Hiya yes I get that too!but I spoke to the occupational therist who gave me great wrist splints that support your hand and thumb but your fingers can move, so when I have to o any writin they do help a bit, maybe worth a try?

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hi was on meth and hydroxy hydroxy was dropped and am waiting to start sulpha in two weeks .it was a year this week when i came down with this awfull disease, i do have flares in my hands alot, and shoulders,i dont think we will ever be completly free from these pains ,but i was working but have been on sick for a year, however in saying that, ayear ago i would never have dreamed that i would feel as better as i do now but not well enuff for work.i think the early evening thing is prob because of what doing in day ,im not a patient person but but all we can do is go with it i have tried not to stress so much over it and relax when need hope this helps xxxxxx


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