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So many changes!

well over the last few months my life has changed a lot!

firstly, i finished all my exams and i am so thankful that they are over and i am now waiting on the results which i get at the end of August! nervous!

secondly, I GOT A JOB! WOOP WOOOP! i got a job in Phase Eight! in the store that is local to me! i love my job so much, the girls i work with are all so nice and it is a lovely company to work for so i have been very busy over this summer holiday!

thirdly, when i was away in Portugal i felt that the effects of my steroid injections had started to ware off, when i woke up in the morning my ankles went back to being really painful so im trying to get all this under control again. my knee is not playing ball at the moment and is fairly painful but it will be fine!

im heading off to Dubai next week and the heat always helps! so im very excited to go on holiday!

so i hope everyone is doing ok! i really need to get better at posting more often haha!

sending love to everyone! Soph :) xx

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wow welcome back, you have been busy, well done on your job.. good luck on your exam results too x


Hi Soph, congrats on your job. Good luck with yr exam results, my daughter is expecting her GCSE's in August, so will be nervous time for us too. How lovely to be off to Dubai - enjoy!!



Good luck for your exam results Soph. My sons have just had their results (Scotland) - youngest has done okay (all Bs apart from an A for art) and so has middle son but he's lucky as he has an unconditional offer from a good uni. Well done for getting a job and loving it!

Tilda x


Well done on your job. Good luck with your exam results to xxx


Well done, it's very hard to get a job these days! Hope your results go ok cos I remember you were sore at the time so u deserve even better marks! enjoy Dubai, it should be amazing xxxx


Well done Sophie, you sound so positive and up beat. Like many of us 'older' sufferers we hate to hear about young people with this awful disease and how it can impede on their lives. Enjoy Dubai and the heat. All the best. X


well done sophi, brilliant news about the exams and the bjob that is fantastic. Glad to here that you have managed to get not 1 but 2 holidays. Well done you, you do deserve it sophi. Enjoy Dubai. Tell us all about it when you get back.

love Carole


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