Lolly Diet

Lolly Diet

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the intermittent sunshine and having a restful Summer. The heat has been quite a shock for us in the NRAS office and the fans are going between cooling us and then the servers down! We have been mostly consuming lollies. It has also been rather quiet, which is normal for this time of year as there are lots of people on holiday. Last year though, July and August seemed as busy as the rest of 2012 and I don’t recall there being time to think! This time, it’s been a good chance to catch up after the hectic RA Awareness Week and getting round to doing those little jobs that always get brushed under the carpet!

This is definitely the calm before the storm for me as; you may know already, we are updating our website this year. I am overseeing this daunting task so the next few months are going to be a bit hectic! Thanks to those who filled out our short survey on how and why you would use the site and we will need your help again as the project progresses, so please keep an eye out for this. I’m looking forward to a holiday in Cornwall next week and then it’ll be time to crack on with the project when I return!

While my colleagues Bronwen and Val, our Events and Community fundraising gurus have both been in different parts of America for a couple of weeks, I’ve looked after our fundraisers and had more insight into the sheer mass of communication and admin that is involved with assisting someone who has chosen to fundraise for NRAS. It’s been really interesting as, I’ve gone along to the Great North Run, Great South Run, the Royal Parks Half Marathon and our own Tandem Skydive over the last two years, but not had much interaction with the people involved beforehand. This year’s Great North Run and this weekend’s first ever Prudential Ride London 100 (100 mile cycle round the Olympic route from London to Surrey and back!) will be different as I have now had some communication with the fundraisers and know more about their personal reasons for taking part.

While I’m on the subject, we have 5 people taking part in the Prudential Ride London 100, I’ll be there to wave them all over Chiswick bridge and then later (hopefully) congratulate them at the finish. I have such admiration for them already as the hill climbs in Surrey are famously difficult. Hopefully the weather is ok on the day and they all reach the finish safely!

As usual, if anyone is interested in doing something to raise funds for NRAS, please get in touch on here or by emailing You can find out more on how to get involved at

Have a great weekend!

Ruth Grosart

Digital Media Coordinator


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  • I wish i could load my photos onto the site,but am unable to,due to my camera being too

  • Sylvi it should be possible for you to download your photos off your camera and then resize them to the stated file size using your computer. Mine is a Mac so I don't know what you do if you have a PC but I'm sure it will be easy enough to find. On mine you open the image up and click on Tools and then click on Size and adjust according to the stated file size and then it should upload no bother I think? Tilda x

  • Thanks Tilda,i will try,but unless i am shown several times i can't grasp it.I will certainly give it a go thank

  • I had this problem with the old site too. it cant except a pic bigger than 3mega pixels.. well all new cameras are 8, 12 or mega pixels.. my camera now quite outdate could select 3, 5, or 8 mega pixel for photo storing and taking.. I can upload the odd smaller pic.. most camera phones especially older ones can take pic with less than 3 mega pixels.. ps im definately no technology expert!( storage cards can store more images at 3 or 5 mega pixels than above, guess the site capacity cant take the larger mega pixel images.., most of mine wont upload they are too big too and photoprocessing is quite difficult on a pc

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