Here we are in France. Great holiday and very warm! From an RA perspective, very hilly, lots of places not available for disabled including the famous Lascaeux caves, for those in chairs.

Had Humira so forced rest today as it makes me tired so will stay around the beautiful campsite.

Plus thing, wether being good helps my joints and I also found the dordogne river cool and soothing.

The campsite owners moved us from the bottom of the hill to the top cos of my difficulty so now we have a straight little walk to the bar and restaurant , very good of them and a wonderful view.

Hope you r all ok out there in RA land! Kisses

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  • Great reading this Allanah - delighted that you are having such a wonderful and restful time. Enjoy every moment and bask in that river whenever you can. Tilda xx

  • Glad you are having a great time. So happy the weather has been good to you. Love Carole

  • It sounds absolutely fab over there....hope you enjoy every second....and how marvelous of the campsite owners to take your needs into account. I don't have anything as beautiful as the dordogne river to soothe my joints.....just my little paddling pool!! Take care! xx

  • was wondering where you were :) have a wonderful time xx

  • Very pleased to hear your having a fab time. Indulge your self xx

  • I have been following you on f/book you look like your having a lovely time.xxx

  • So pleased your having a good time enjoy x

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