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Do you have a trigger?

Hi, I'm recently diagnosed and am trawling through the internet looking at research. It appears that there is very little under the sun that does not cause RA or trigger flair the point I feel as though everyone should be living in a bubble. It's impossible to avoid everything that is suggested through different research so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinions on what causes your own flare ups.

I've noticed increased pain in my hands after eating chocolate, I'm drawn to the idea of avoiding the chemicals they use in mass farming and will try to eat organic if possible. Not eating the 'nightshade' vegs (mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, etc) sounds awful to me as it contains the bulk of my present diet.

Looking forward to your ideas and tips.



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When I was first diagnosed I tried different vitamins, foods etc, which made no difference to me at all. The things I tried to avoid if possible are people who have caught a bug, not always easy with 3 children, as if I catch a cold etc it always makes things worse. Other than that OVER DOING THINGS like housework, gardening or a great day out, I always know that I will pay for it the next day! I have found this a hard lesson to learn and I still get it wrong because at the time I feel fine only the day after that I cannot get out of bed.


Stress definitely, when I moved my wrists swelled up with lumps as big as eggs so fast I could see it happening, and potatoes, especially new ones, and fresh tomatoes though tinned don't seem to affect me. Mushrooms aren't a nightshade veg and shouldn't affect you, I've not heard they do? Meat is supposed to be bad too but I'm veggie anyway.

And vaccinations, always worse after them. XXX


A stressful day, and not enough sleep and I'm nearly 100% guaranteed to wake up with one or more joints flaring. And sitting on my bum all day does make me seize up, so I need to keep moving around in a gentle sort of way. But I'm quite robust as far as food goes, so a single meal full of bad things is usually ok but if I have a week of eating badly (ie too many fatty, sugary things etc) then I know it. Polly


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