Summers here !!!

Hi everyone hope you are all enjoying this lovely warm weather, I have been outside today not doing a lot, a bit of weeding then sitting in the sun getting my vitamins ;-) then went inside to watch the womens finals at wimbeldon, but this evening I seem to be aching more than I have done for a while, I don't know why !! has anyone else experienced this in the warm weather?

Gentle hugs, Wendy xx

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  • Well I'm travelling the length of the British Isles just now by car and presently in Edinburgh where its balmy too. My hands are very achy and swollen and so is the rest of me but then my dose of MTX is much lower now and travelling in a car for hours isn't helping do I don't think its just about the lovely warm weather. I'd rather have warmth and lower dose MTX with pain and swelling than side effects and horrible weather I admit! X

  • Yes me too, have a great trip.

  • I have been incredibly achy the last couple of days I thought when the sun came out I'd feel a bit better but if anything I've been worse! Very odd :-(

    JoJo xx

  • Yes! At last someone who thinks like me!I have always thought I had more pain & flares in extremes of temps,but so often people assume that RA calms down in the heat,also bloods seem to go loopy,so try not to have tests when its hot. Am having trouble typing,have dropped 2 cups(Did'nt like them anyway) feet feel like I'm walking on hot coals etcetc,BUT going to enjoy the tennis (Ithink) having salmon for lunch,AND strawberry cheesecake! :)

  • I find it is the humidity that upsets me. Hot dry weather is fine, but at present it is quite milky or even misty in the mornings until it burns off, but is definitely muggy.

  • I have always said i'm worse in the summer when its hot. I tend to swell up and feel as if i could explode, espeically my feet. The GP says that not all people feel better in the heat. I cannot sit in the sun i have to be doing some thing. Hope you feel better soon.


  • hello its scorching my car thermometer said 29 degrees earlier .. went to a pub by the river and had a cheese and onion fresh bread doorstep from pub £1.50 ans a a half a cider shandy

  • Thank you all for your replies, been out in the car this afternoon back in time to watch Andy win at Wimbledon :-), but like yesterday i'm aching and my feet and ankles are like balloons !! Hope tomorrow is better,

    Gentle hugs to you all.xx

  • Hi Wendy yes I am feeling much more achey and swollen shoes are tight and I feel c**p thought it may be due to increased dose of methotrexate which I took yesterday but feel it is probably the weather


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