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Can't access replays

For a while now I have been having problems accessing replays from other bloggers. I get the notice in my gmail message box but I'm not able to open them.....this only happens in the HealthUnlocked site.

I don't want those who have taken the time to write to me or to comment on what I have posted. It would seem like I'm being rude or simply ignoring them and I really wouldn't want anyone to think that.

So my apologies to anyone who contacted me but didn't receive a reply and thank you for taking the time to reply. Thanks to everyone. Jean. XX

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Are you able to see them if you actually log in to the site? If not then I would contact HU and see if there is a problem with your profile. I have done this in the past and they have rectified any issues that I have had with them.


Thanks Georgi, I'll give it a go. It's really annoying when I can't acknowledge people's replays. Thanks. X


Just wanted to let you know that I did contact HealthUnlocked about the problem and they have informed me the the whole site is being updated and will have a new look in the near future. So we will see some changes soon, hopefully for the better. They also said that with all things new in technology there my be a few 'glitches' but to let them know and they will do their best to sort them out.......now the pensioner part of me is going to come out......I hate changes.....please tell me I'm not o my own in this....but nothing stays the same as they say so it is onward and upwards and just learn to adapt......nothing else for us.....after all if we can keep going with the difficulties we live with on a daily basis a wee bit of techno jigging is a doddle, right?


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