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Had the best weekend for ages. I have been going down hill for the past year. At one time I managed to go to the gym and do a few exercises, walking there and back it's not to far. But then through illness and the winter I have been unable to walk any distance. Even have to do the shopping in a wheelchair. My family go out most weekends for walks and leave me at home in front of the TV. I don't mind to much. But Saturday I managed to get a mobilety scooter and went out with them on Sunday for a few hours. My next step or ride is to go back to the gym and taking it slow do a few minutes on the weights. The wheels have set me free, I can even get to the pub on my days off. I feel great!!!!!

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  • Heeeey Beep well done.... way to go... It's so good. Embrace it and adjust and move one.... now if I only I could do it... take care julie x

  • well done beeper great positive attitiude x

  • Well done beep am so pleased for you, its like getting a piece of your life back I bet!

    mand xx

  • Keep up the good work Beep ... that's the way to do it !! Well done you :)

    Lyn x

  • Yeay !!!! Go for it !!!!!!

  • Great news Beep...onwards and upwards :-)

    Ann x