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Packing my bag

Hi all

just popped on for a bit of support

As you all know i've not been well for a while. Saw rhuemy twice last week and he is concerned i;ve got an infection of some sort? Anyway i had bloods done again Friday and nurse phoned today and told me to pack a bag to take to appointment tomorrow.I hate hospitals with a passion and after my experience last time i'm going to try everything in the book to get out of it (was put on rhuemy ward with 3 ladies with dementia - terrible disease but they drove me mad)

Wish me luck - i've just checked online and there's no MRSA at the moment - hope it stays like that!!

Take care all

Julie x

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You will be ok - I am sure all be sorted. Remember you go to hospital to find out what you haven'y got not what you have

I am sure it will all sort out

Susanh xxxxxx


Oh so much good luck Julie - will you be able to come on HU while you're in - if your plan to foil the rheumy's plan doesn't work that is? My father-in-law is in hospital currently and it seems he's hating it so much that he won't even look or speak to his wife but I think he's on a dementia ward (being of a very crabby nature himself) so hoping you don't get put in with any such this time IF you do have to go in.

Here's hoping that whatever the outcome you get to the RA controlled better very soon. TTxx


Hi Julie,

Good luck, hopefully bag just a precaution, and you'll escape, if not its for the best to get RA under control.

Take care, Gina.


I agree with you, hospitals are not my favorite place either, so hope everything picks up before tomorrow so you escape. If not, hope you've got an ipod in your bag so can block out the ramblings of your neighbours. Px


take care Julie, hope to hear from you soon xx


Good luck Julie hope you won't need to go after all! Keep us posted re: infection hope your ok. Xxxxxxx


Good luck Julie, My thoughts and prayers are with you all day today. Hope you don't have to, but if you do, just pretend you're in a fine hotel, room service and all! Will be anxious to hear from you soon. Love and hugs, Loret xxx


Hi Julie

I am sure everything will be fine. Thinking of you & hurry back.

Sci x


Good luck with it all, thinking of you x


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