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Muscle Pains

I've recently been diagnosed with RA, and had two steroid injections, been taking hydroxychloroquine for 3 weeks, and Methotrexate for 1 week.

This all started with shoulder joint pains, and then spread to all other joints, but as little as four weeks ago, I was able to walk quite long distances, could garden, and played bowls regularly.

My leg muscles started to ache when I went uphill, and fairly soon (three weeks ago, just before my diagnosis) began to ache even on the flat.

My joint pains and swelling have got better, I assume because of the two steroid injections, but my muscle pains have got worse. Even after a short stroll, my legs feel as though I have run a marathon. Going upstairs is a "to be avoided" activity. I also get similar effects in my arms when getting dressed, and even more strange is my jaw, where I need to take constant breaks when chewing.

I have read suggestions of loss of muscle tone, but I am inclined to not think it's that because of the short time it has taken to occur, and if anything, just feeling my muscles, I think they are as toned as they ever were.

I am even sleeping well, (maybe too much even) although rolling onto either side in the night can develop a shoulder ache.

Hearing any suggestions or similar experiences would be helpful as I seen to read very little that seem to match how I feel. I guess that's one of the vagaries of the condition though.

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This sounds just like me, im on Hydroxy (4 months now) and have had one steroid injection. My Rheumy has cancelled my last 2 appointments, i last saw him in Feb, bit of a joke really, its got to the point now where i get so many dizzy spells (it feels like im pissed all the time) i cant go out alone, i have to hold onto my daughters arm. This time last year i was working and running round the park after my 7 year old, i cant do that now. Still chin up we must carry on, as they say. Wish you all the best x


RA can affect the muscles as well as the joints - in fact in theory it can affect any part of us including all connective tissue as this is the nature of the beast, its not that fussy - but it affects joints most commonly that's all. It could also be a related condition called Fibromyalgia but hopefully not. It also changes often and arrives in different guises as it progresses.

I get pain and swelling in my tendons as much as in my joints. So what you are experiencing could easily be RA as you haven't been taking your meds for long enough to feel any improvement yet. It usually takes between 7 weeks and six months to do its thing - but with the Hydroxy too it may be more like 12 weeks. This combination work very wrll gor many so hang in there. I had to wait for 8 months to see the consultant again after diagnosis and mtx sp February doesn't seem that ling to me. Hope this helps. Tilda


Oops sorry about many bizarre typos I'm using my iPhone!


Hi there Craven Garden, sorry for my very late reply ;)

Have you managed to get yourself back to normal again yet ?

Your symptoms sound identical to my Hubby's symptoms, his Rhumy was most unhelpful, according to Endo nothing was wrong with Hubby's all over muscle weakness, cramps and tiredness. We knew we couldn't leave it at just that.

If this is still you CG ? inbox me, if not just ignor, :)

I have researched and found out something most interesting to do with the blood tests that even the Doctor was surprised about.



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