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Folic Acid ?

Does anyone think my fuzzy headachee days are caused by the folic acid tablet I have to take once a week. I am on MTX and Hyroxychloroquine and one folic to be taken two days after MTX. This usually coincides with a fuzzy day (as I call it), but not always. Very confusing, it could be the "time of life" kicking in, poor old girl......

I take the folic in the morning with my cereal, and it is usually an hour or so later that the fuzzy begins and lasts all day, or so it seems.

Could it be that, or just the overall medication?



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Have you thought about changing the time when you take your folic acid. Try taking it at night instead of the morning,then you will hopefully be asleep when it is taking effect.




I also take my folic acid a couple of days after my MTX injection and it always makes me feel sick.Try Sylvi's advice and take it just before you go to bed.

Julie x


IT is more likely that sickness, fuzzy head are caused by the methotrexate , the folic is taken to reduce the sickness side effects of the methotrexate


I had wondered if the folic acid was giving me the tummy ache I suffered for 3 weeks. I thought it was gallstones but now I'm wondering as the Omeprezole I'm back on again seems to have stopped the sore tummy in it's tracks so if that's the case it must be either the MTX or the folic acid - which I increased my dose of to 3 a week? I'll try taking one again this week and see how I do although I don't think folic acid has side effects - as Alison says we take it to help with side effects. Confused? Yeah me too! TTX


Hi Wendywoo

In the Patient Information Leaflet for folic acid it does mention that side effects are very rare, and tend to be stomach related. It may be worth mentioning the headaches to your rheumatology team if they are concerning you. Headaches are listed as a potential side effect of MTX. Your team may be able to suggest something to help, for example a different way to take your folic acid, maybe splitting the dose over a few days (other than the day on which you take your MTX). I will quote from our article on MTX, written by Dr Robin Butler:

"MTX depletes the body of folic acid and the frequency of side-effects can be reduced by taking supplements of folic acid. This can be taken as 5-10mg weekly or as two tablets of Pregaday daily (the preparation taken by pregnant women to prevent birth defects which can be purchased over-the-counter in pharmacies without a prescription). Taking higher doses may reduce the efficacy of MTX and most rheumatologists recommend taking the folic acid one or two days after the MTX, and in particular not taking it on the same day as the MTX."

I hope this helps to clear things up!

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


Hi there,

How remarkable we all are. I get bad headaches after I take MTX, but once I've taken my folic acid 24 hours later they go away! For me it's like taking a painkiller - 20 mins after I've downed the folic acid the headache melts away. And I down foods rich in folic acid all the time with no noticeable effect on stomach - although hard to tell given that it's a bit excitable anyway. Px


I've charted the effects of the medication and I'm sure that,for me, it's the methotrexate - oddly enough it's not so bad the day after taking it but the second day. Headaches, feeling very sick, sometimes sick, loose bowels, sore mouth, sometimes ulcers, blotchy skin, hot and cold - ugh!. It wears off across the following days.

It's actually been less of a problem since I've been on daily folic acid, except for the day when I take it. So I think the folic acid is helpful.


oh wow, I've taken folic acid now for 5 days and felt stomach pain for the last 4. I've hardly ever had a reaction to a medication, but this is leveling me.

I'll call my dr & let him know & see what he says.



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