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Easter is Approaching!

Easter is Approaching!

My last blog was in November, and I remember wishing you all, albeit an early, but very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Well that seems to be a distant memory now, and we are in the running for the next public holiday...Easter.

You may have already seem them yourselves, but I was astounded, and may be a little horrified, to see Easter eggs for sale in my local supermarket a couple of weeks ago, alongside the reduced Christmas wrapping paper and cards. I am sure they bring these things out earlier every year, or my memory is getting a little fuzzy at the edges. Probably the latter! All I can say is it makes the New Year diet a little harder seeing all of the goodies for sale. After all, there is only so much chocolate you can walk past.

So to pre-empt Easter we have Lent. And to pre-empt lent, we have another of my favourite days of the year....Shrove Tuesday. Due to Easter falling later this year on the weekend of April 22nd to 25th, Shrove Tuesday falls on March 8th.

Shrove Tuesday became known as Pancake Day, as pancakes were made in order to use up the “rich” foodstuffs before fasting during lent.

I personally love pancakes, as do my husband and children, so it is always a day greeted with open arms (and mouths!)

We are quite traditional and have the good old lemon juice with sugar type, but my children do like all sorts of varieties including chocolate pancakes, raisin and cinnamon pancakes etc. I have realised that when it comes to things of such great importance, I do not like to deviate from the norm.

Anyway, I hope you and your family, if this is a tradition you like to take part in, have an enjoyable Shrove Tuesday, I know I will.

As for membership, our numbers are increasing every week, and are looking at introducing some extras in the near future, to compliment what you already receive. Watch this space!!

Emma, Gail and I are always here if you have any queries or questions, and are always happy to hear from you. So please do not hesitate to give us a call if need be.

Best Wishes for a pleasant start to 2011 for you all, enjoy your pancakes to all my fellow pancake enthusiasts and I look forward to speaking to you and meeting you in 2011.

Sal Warwick

Membership Manager

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