I’ve got to learn how to say no!

I’ve got to learn how to say no!

Many of you will be aware that it is NRAS’ 10th birthday this year and that we have lots going on to celebrate. Tea for 10 is a brilliant way of celebrating our 10th Birthday with friends and family over a slice of cake and a cuppa, while raising money at the same time. For those who want a bit more of a challenge we have our NRAS 10k run which proved to be a popular event last year. But for the real adrenalin junkies out there, the thrill seekers, or quite simply, for all the mental people out there, we have our NRAS Team 10 Skydive!

This skydive thing is great, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for other people throwing themselves out of a plane. But when the harassment in the office gets to be unbearable and certain departments, not mentioning any names, fundraising, ‘persuade’ you to take part in the skydive yourself – well that’s when it all goes downhill! The shoe is now well and truly on the other foot, and I’m not sure I like it!!! Now it’s me that has to jump out of a plane! How on earth did this happen?!

Now I have registered for the skydive, there is no turning back! I have asked friends and family to sponsor me, and most officially of all….I’ve signed the ‘parachute jumpers declaration form’!!! This is definitely it - I’ve signed a piece of paper stating that I am of good health and that there is nothing that will prevent me from doing the jump! I should have said no!

So now it’s public knowledge, I am officially part of the NRAS Team 10 Skydive, along with my fellow barmy comrades; Osato, Emma, Tameena, and Emma Nelson.

Wish us luck as we soar up into the sky in a tiny plane, fully clad in jump suits, strapped to a professional skydiver, preferably tall, dark and handsome (I know when I say that I’m speaking on behalf of the whole team, excluding Osato obviously!) trembling as we inevitably launch our little selves out of the plane and into the sky thousand of feet above the ground – some may be screaming, some may be laughing, but all hopefully enjoying it!

This is Charlotte Porter signing off – until next time – after my feet have landed firmly on the ground!


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