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Not been on for a while

I have been managing as best one can given the sometimes unpredictable nature of RA. Up and down is the best I can describe it, good days can be great then wham real pain and swelling.

MTX injections seem to have made little improvement and I've had some sever developments around the annal area which could be down to a fissure not sure but I have an appointment tomorrow with consultant, this on top of everything has been bloody difficult.

On the bright side we have been organising my oldest daughters first communion this Saturday, it will be bottom clenching for me literally:-)

My good thoughts to all if you out there even though not always blogging always reading your stories which help normalise me a little. Xx

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oh dear there are some options for your problem and hopefully the consultant will get to the seat if the matter.. diltiezam cream an unlicensed product may be a possibiility x


Thank it's been going on for about three months now, there has been suggestion my RA has hit this area to I didn't realise that was even possible how ignorant am I :-)


I didn't know that either so you aren't alone. Hope the consultant can help you. x


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