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Woopsy Daisy

Yesterday I thought I would take my grandson to the Park after nursery. Whilst we were crossing the road which is very busy. I tripped and fell. I had waited until the traffic had died down before I crossed holding his little hand. The traffic had to stop whilst a very kind young woman got out of her car with her daughter to help me up. I am ok but have lots of bruises and scrapes. At least I didnt break anything. My pride was a bit hurt. Anyway at least it has been lovely and sunny all day. Hope you are all enjoying good weather too.

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Bless You, are you feeling ok ? It comes more of a shock to you, that you have fallen, I know Im quite unsteady at times, its almost like Im drunk which Im not, I turn round & go wobbly, Im getting quite worried about it. Thank you to the good people out there who help us,

Yes the weather is lovely, lets hope it carries on. Take care x

Rie x


Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope your not to sore. May be a stick would help you with your balance ??? Enjoy the weather lets hope it lasts a while xx


Hi there, it shakes you up, doesn't it? I recently blogged about falling off a bank about 3 feet high, crashing into greenhouse & slicing my wrist open - I was in a right state at the time but 4 days later I'm absolutely fine apart from wrist stitched up like Bride of Frankenstein & a black bottom!

I'm not as worried as I was about falling as the RA has not complained at all, hope it's the same for you - we're more resilient than we thought we were perhaps. Glad you are okay. Don't forget to milk it & get whoever is available to wait on you hand & foot & enjoy the sunshine!

Luce xx


Hi Luce gosh how horrible to fall and cut yourself. At least i am only bruised.


Hope you didn't do too much


Thank you sylvi i am ok just bruised. Taking my grandson to a party today so that will take my mind off the bruises.


hope you are ok x


Yes I am ok summer. Thank you.


Oh Angel I hope your not in too much pain.

I bet your little prince is really worried about you aswell.

I'm a big believer in angels and I have asked them to watch over you all and I'm sending this poem to you for you and your family,

When angels since you need them,

And angels always do,

They come unseen from everywhere,

To help and comfort you.

They hover close beside you,

Till all your cares are gone,

Till they can see you're ready,

Once again to carry on.

Then some of them fly away,

And take their gentle touch,

To other hearts that need the love,

Of angels very much.

But one, at least, stays with you,

As your constant friend and guide,

For guardian angels never leave you,

They're always at your side.

I give this poem to people who need an angel's love and comfort.

Take care


Oh thats a lovely poem thank you.


If its any consolation, I was working on the garden today and forgot I had extended my pond some weeks ago. Stepped back and went straight in it!


OMG hope you didnt hurt yourself.


No Sharon, just got a wet foot and leg! Caused great amusement to my kids. Had to laugh tho. When my daughter told granddaughter Millie that I had fallen in the pond, first thing she said was: did he hurt any of the fish?!


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