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If I stop my methotrexate and Lefluomide today, how long before I feel the effects?

Rheumy phoned today and said that blood test taken yesterday shows my liver is not happy and told me to stop all my meds immediately and wants me to have another blood test in a weeks time and then decide what course of action to take. I am just worried that as my hands are painful at the moment on the meds, will I notice a difference in a week?

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Whether or not you flare up is kind of irrelevant if your rheumy says to stop I'm afraid. As a GP reminded me when my liver function markers were too high - you only get one liver and you don't want it to get damaged. Leflunomide with MTX is quite an assault for the liver to take. How long have you been taking them for? I had a month off MTX and found that it took 3 weeks for my wrists and shoulders and knuckles to flare again and after another week my feet joined in. Hopefully your liver will settle back down soon and you will then be okay to take them again. X


I agree with Tilda you must protect your liver - I came off Mtx and after 3 weeks everything started to flare up -I was off it for 2 months in total and it took a steroid injection and another couple of months back on it before I was back to being 99% pain free. Do hope you get things sorted quickly and get back on to meds that help..........K


thanks Tilda. Have been on MTX for about 14 months and Lefluomide for about 4 months.

Will wait for next blood test and see where we go from there.

Sandie x


It can take a while for the liver to settle back down Sandie but I do hope it doesn't in your case. Maybe worth avoiding seafood and obviously all alcholol - and research foods that can make us a bit liverish too? Tilda xx


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