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Drug free time but not pain free!

If anyone thinks they can go without their medication don't! Was put on Leflunomide before Christmas didn't suit so was told to stop it, was on Sulfasalazine before which started to fail, now have not been on anything until last Thursday when went back onto Methotrexate, which will obviously take a while to 'kick in'. Well I can truly say I am as stiff as a board in the morning and in an awful lot of pain, which for me is really frustrating as I was fairly active before, well for someone with Arthritis! Got some quiet time this morning as my husband has taken both children swimming, would love to have a soak in a hot bath but can't get out without my husbands help so will wait until they get back! Still I am far more positive this morning and have sworn at RA and told it that its not going to get the better of me. Hope this finds you all well and as pain free as possible x

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Hi Ockle, I think we all have a swear at RA from time to time. I tell mine it is not going to overtake my life and ruin it but sometimes you just have to give in and rest. I am also stiff in the mornings and somedays it can take me an hour to get out of bed! Have a good rest whilst hubby and the children are out.

I can't have a bath either as cannot get in or out and to get out would need a crane and a couple of paramedics to help. I do find a shower is good particularly if you direct the spray onto the painful bits. Or a cold pack followed by a hot pack can also help., Don't forget your pain killers whilst you are waiting for the MTX to get going - they will at least help for the time being.

Hope it won't belong before you get some relief. LavendarLady x


Hope you soon feel brighter and a bit less painless.



Hoping they get those meds sorted xx


I think these meds make more difference than we realise sometimes. I have been on MTX for almost 9 weeks now and I had a couple of weeks on 15mgs but have had to come down to 10 again for two consecutive weeks because of raised liver function results. Last week I realised that things had really started to improve in my joints but today I woke up in pain once more and my hands and wrists are really stiff and sore and feet and knees are a bit jippy too. I was blaming overdoing things yesterday but then I wondered if it wasn't more to do with having those 2 weeks on a doubled dose and then having to come back down again. Next blood test is tomorrow so I'm hoping that things are back to normal so I can move up to 12.5 mgs again because this flashing, toothache like pain in my hands and feet is not welcome! Good luck with the MTX and I do hope you feel better soon. TTx


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