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Ive been stuck indoors for a few days and wasnt sure how long flare up would last so made no plans for the whole week, when i woke to just a minimal amount of pain i was so happy and rushed to the outside world only to realise i couldnt think of anything to do so went food shopping, read the paper in cafe ane and thought why was i so desperate to get out, its freezing and wish i was back home in pjs and watching snooker!!!

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Its called cabin fever. I'm like that being stuck in the house is hard. I went out today to get veg,it was pouring with rain. It cream crackered by the time i got back. Thats post viral fatigue for you. So here i am resting listening to eltons hits. Hope you didn't overdo when you went out.



Hope your not suffering from the cold and rushing out x

I do the same hate being stuck in.


I know Hutchy you always think you are missing something, and probably before you had ra you did everything at breakneck speed so sitting in and resting is so alien to you. I have started to feel less guilty about sitting in and doing nothing for a day or two when things are bad.


I've been out today and got blown over into the neighbour's flower bed by a powerful gust of wind. Not hurt but it was quite startling and shortly afterwards I was hailed on violently too. No home recovering. So the weather's giving us all cabin fever too - certainly up here anyway where winds are at force 12 again - so it's not just the RA. TTx


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