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Feeling worse again :(

Can you help?

Was off MTX for 3 weeks due to cold sore / rash on face so getting ANA test for other connective tissue diseases. First injection and feel more swollen and stiff and mood down than when I was just on hydroxy..very confused. Feel that since diagnosed exactly 1 year ago I am no better forward although my bloods say I am :( take care x

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hi Rock pool my consultaant eyeing up connective disorder ie lupus for me too??!! im on nothing except pain killers just finished steroids!! whilst she decides .was on route for anti tnf until about turn>>?? 3 years after orginal diagnosis.. suggest pain killlers and steroids? x


Hi Summer. Goodness you too ? I really don't think MTX is making a difference to me at all. I felt so much better just on Hydroxy and painkillers..even had knuckles. Still waiting for results for ANA. I think they forget it is our bodies that this is happening too :( Good luck with your consultant xx


Hi Rockpool. I can't really advise but I do know that Hydroxy/ Plaquenil is the first line drug for Lupus - which might explain the rash and the other symptoms if your ANA is positive. Maybe this would explain why you felt better when just on the Hydroxy and painkillers or maybe MTX just isn't the drug for you? Tilda x


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