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Complete Turnaround!

Hi I wrote last time to say how unhappy I was with my consultants they were disagreeing with each other and in my opinion were not helping me at all!

My GP advised me to speak to PALS as quite a few of you on here did. I emailed PALS for paperwork when out of the blue I got an appointment. I have to admit I attended with trepidation wondering what would happen and was scared when I was called into the head consultants room.

I have never been so shocked in my life! He was wonderful! He said he was not surprised I was feeling so down, that the other consultants should not have disagreed with each other, my disease is definitely RA not Fibro, my disease is definitely still active after 3+years and I am a candidate for biologicals!

I could have cried! The plan is now sulpha and lufludamide for 2 months with a next appointment booked and if it is not working satisfactorily then a move on to biologicals.

I don't know what happened or has been said, I am just thankful that I feel that I am being listened to at last!

Steph x

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That's great news that you are getting sorted now x


Wow so there is some sense in the world then?! So pleased that you have had things properly confirmed at last and I hope everything is well controlled by drugs for you very soon. Tilda x


Pleased for you and i hope the new drugs work well for


Thank you x


Good news and good luck with the new drugs x


Good luck and pride of you for contact PALS x


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