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Weekend Frog bulletin

Had a shocking experience in my own garden yesterday picked up a plant pot and found two frogs AT IT you know playing mummies and daddies. Its a devil when the wildlife in your garden are having more sex than me lol. Anyway two lots of frog spawn have now appeared in my pond so thats great cause I love seeing the little froggies hopping round.

Now from frogs to rhubarb. Is it hard to grow? I got a rhubarb crown to grow and am not sure where to put it in my garden any tips would be great.

Thanks everyone.

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think damp, partly shady, and mulch x


Hi sharon

It must be spring there's me having naughty thoughts about rugby players and you spying on frogs.

We have a big pond in our garden and they are it day and night, the males just grab a female and if they are in the water the male frog will often drown the female as once on he can go for hours. If we have loads of spawn I drag it out and take down to the river as the frogs that are born in the pond return to the same place bit like salmon.

Now Rhubarb apart from crumbles and pies I know nothing.





Hi Sharon, I know what you mean about the frogs!! and the garden.I love to get out there when the weather starts to get better, We also have a big pond full of koi and gold fish its lovely to see them start moving around after the winter.

Rhubarb is very easy to grow my mother in law as loads in her garden, comes back every year.Only thing is the leaves on it are poisonous! so if you have dogs etc, be careful.

mand xx


Hi there. Rhubarb put it in a nice soily well drained spot. Put a bucket upside down on it with a hole on the top, to force it to the light. It will then growly quickly and sweet If you don't cover it up it goes stringy and tastes blooming awful.

Sex - hmmmmm that's private!!!! except if you are a frog in your garden of course... nosy lol

Take care x

P.S. It must be spring. My daughter and I have just planted some carrot and tomato seeds today.


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