What Happened to my New Blog??

As I promised yesterday, I wrote a blog, for about 2.5 hours , with research, about the Anti-Inflammatory properties of various foods. Had them listed as Veg's, Fruits; Dairy, Proteins, etc.

It's gone!!!! I even added a picture of greens to go with it. I previewed it, hit publish and it all went away!!!

I can't stay any longer to do any more today, maybe later tonight. Now it's nap time.

Strange how this has been a week of disappointment, frustration, plus the usual aches and pains and immobility!

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Loretta disappiontment is a word i can relate with. I don't know what you did wrong friend, it is something i manage to do occaisionally and i can't tell you what happened.

Hope your ok. My love to you my friend.



I do it as well Loret, I sit down and write and write and then it disapperars into the ether - sometimes that is a good thing, however, in your case it is not - i am sorry that all your hard work went to, probably the place where socks go, I am looking forward to it whenever you get the time again.


What a shame, I was looking forward to reading it. If you get time could you do it again as a Word document, then copy and paste. So you've still got it if it happens again?

Just a thought!


good idea, Phoebe. Just never occured to me that I should. Thanks, Loret


Thanks everybody, for all your help, advise and encouragement!

May take a while, it's Monday morning, the laundry machines are waiting to be fed, and so is the dishwasher!

I shall return!



I always do it it word and copy and paste after it happening to me many times!

Not much help when you spent so long working on it though.

Take care

Julie x


Think I've learned my lesson, Julie! Thanks, just didn't occur to me to need to.


This happened to me - I wrote something about infusion. Cant get the energy up to do it again now.


Cathie, I can relate to that! But, got lots of comments and requests to do it again!! I did contact HU and asked if there was any way to retrieve it, but haven't gotten an answer.

Hope all is goiong OK this morning. Love, Loret


This has happened to me too, I wonder if it just times out?


I wondered that too Christine, I was on line from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm, and most of it was on this site. So maybe. I'm doing it again this evening, while all of England, Ireland and Scotland, sleep.


Wow, that's a long time to type, Loret. Good luck.

We are getting a cold front & about 1 inch of snow after midnight tonight. Our weather forecast is every other day will be 20 then 40 then 20 then 40 then's the weirdest December & January that I ever remember.

Have a good night.


That is exactly what is happening here. Monday it was 48 and this morning, 53. However, the cold will arrive by 6pm and then snow overnight. Thanks alot for sending it over this way :)

It has been a very unusual, mild Fall and Winter, so far. But the next 6-8 weeks will be worst. After that, we get to go out and look for little green things poking up out of the ground!


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