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I know it's hard, even I sometimes find it impossible but when ever possible do something or occupy yourself. People tell me I should give up work and sometimes I feel I want to but to sit at home and watch day time TV would send me mad. Even though I find it harder everyday to get up and go in once I am there and meeting people and having a laugh I feel better and my RA even seems too get better. But if you can't go out to work, blog or face book or even take up a hobby and you will believe me feel better. It doesn't have to active just get the old gray matter working. Now that I have more time on my hands I found that I can do all those thing I wanted to do like write a book, whether I get it finished we will see. The mind is a powerful think it can block pain as well has tell you your body is in pain. So treat yourself, life's worth living so live it.

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Hi Beep... you are so right. Today I have spent time doing what I want to do rather than go work on the farm. I have focused less on my body and aches and pains because I am not pushing myself to do something I know will make me feel worse at the end of the day. I have been busy though,but at my pace. It is then so much easier to be positive and it has been a real treat. Take care x


Hi Beeper, I totally agree. I've been emotionally up & down with RA and I do feel better when I try to at least keep my mind occupied and do some kind of physical activity, however light!

I have had some CBT & Mindfulness sessions which I have found useful but I must admit that I'm not the best student or practioner of either.

I also use hobbies to divert my attention. I still knit but in rationed short sessions and have just got a Kindle as I love reading but was struggling with holding a book. I think we just have to learn to adapt so we can still do some of the things we love.

My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate - that often makes the day feel a lot better :-)

Look forward to reading your book!




I think with RA you need to find a "happy Medium" not doing to much to aggravate the condition and not too little so that you cease up even more.

It's one of the things I found difficult, I would have a good day then try like mad to catch up on housework etc then next day wouldn't be able to move with stiffness and pain so therefore would suffer for days.

After nearly 17yrs with it I think I may have found my "happy medium" and joining sites like this certainly helps.

mand xx


I agree with mand, if you do too much you suffer, but do what you can you can get pleasure out of simple things


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