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Low Dose Naltrexone

High everyone,

I have recently been sent information about the use of this drug, Naltrexone, at very low doses for autoimmune diseases like Lupus and R.A. It is apparently a very old, and cheap, drug previously used at much higher doses to combat opioid addictions (!!)

A doctor discovered in the 80's that it had beneficial effects at these very low doses for autoimmune diseases. However since it has never been officially trial - ed by the big pharma companies ( no profit in it I suppose as out of patent) it has never been registered for use in the NHS for these purposes.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has used it as I am considering trying to get access to it. Apparently there are several private doctors prepared to prescribe it cheaply if they are convinced that you would benefit from taking it.

So hope someone on these forums might have had experience of it.

Cheers, hope you are all having a good day. I am very achey and flarey at present so trying to take it a bit easy.

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Dickson chemist in Glasgow is one of the main suppliers and will do it mail order. There is a Uk organisation that can tell you how to get prescriptions if your GP isn't keen, though some will do, especially if you can give them appropriate information, eg the info sheets available here

It is used quite a lot by people with MS, and I've known a few folk with ankylosing spondylitis use it too. I haven't heard anyone with RA using it, but thats just because I know far more folk with AS than with RA.

here is another link to a UK group that is supporting folk who want to use it


many thanks for this Earthwitch. I will follow it up.


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