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Noodle Day


No its ok I havent given up on the sunday roast for noodles. I refer to my new drying the floor slippers. I have one of those steam thingies (mop) and do find the floor needs a quick dry before I let the cat in. So I got these noodle slippers from a certain low budget high street shop. It does however say not to be worn by the elderly or infirm. IS THAT ME? Nooooo surely not. Word of warning dont dance to Tina Turner in them VERY DANGEROUS. Lol Have taken a picture but not yet loaded it up. BET YOU CANT WAIT.

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You're right Sharon, I can't wait. Don't keep us in suspense for too long! Tracy xxx

Sharon56 in reply to trace65

Will do my best.

Now what an apparition! got all sorts floating round in my mind!!! stop it me that is xx

Sharon56 in reply to miss

Will get looking for my camera cable thingy.

miss in reply to Sharon56

Good girl xx

Lol, maybe it's best left to the imagination , ! No can't wait to see you. If there is anyway to make cleaning fun, I am up for it , oh and from your pic you r too young to look like Tina Turner ha ha, hugs Axx

Ha ha I will try to find my cable so I can upload the picture.